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The first East cable factory production of medium voltage cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-06-24

The new factory of Kenya power and communication cables manufacturer East cable company will produce medium voltage lines to support regional power demand growth. At present the region from India imported products are mainly dependent on.

The East African cable CEO George Mwangi said, the company will invest 870000000 Kenya shillings (about 70000000 yuan) to the production of wire, capacity can transport up to 110000 volts of electricity.

The cable also will be sold to the east energy companies. These energy companies in transmission and distribution lines spending hundreds of billions of shillings.

"With the development of power industry activities within the region increased, we have witnessed the growth of demand for wire and cable." Mwangi said.

Power demand and economic development with rapid growth is happening in Kenya and surrounding countries. This contributed to speed up power production and transmission target.

Recently, the East African cables to 250000000 shillings (about 20000000 yuan) acquisition of Kenya capital in Robbie Industrial Zone 2 acres of land, used for the construction of a new factory. The factory is expected the first quarter of 2016 began producing the first low-voltage cable.

This is the first East cable production medium voltage cables, which means that the company will enter new markets dominated by India manufacturers and Asian producers.

The government of Kenya the next year allocated 23000000000 shillings (about 1780000000 yuan), funded the installation of transmission system of Kenya Transmission Companies. Over the same period, Kenya electric power plans to spend 52000000000 shillings (about 4010000000 yuan) in distribution and substation project.

In addition, the next year, the government plans to spend another 10000000000 shillings (about 770000000 yuan) development of geothermal energy, which is as a part of Kenya to improve the overall power generation capacity planning, from the current 1664 MW to 5108 MW in 2017.

Tanzania also plans to expand capacity, from the existing 1100 MW to 2780 MW in 2016. Uganda plans to add 600 additional megawatts to the national grid.

"These initiatives undoubtedly created more demand for the products." The East African cable said.

Note: the 1 Kenya shillings =0.0772 RMB exchange rate

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