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The fundamental right cable enterprises lies in the product

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-04-03

Wire and cable industry China already is the first in the world, according to the "wire and cable industry" Twelfth Five Year "development plan" (Draft), that the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, China's wire and cable industry sales will grow at an annual rate of 4%-8%. Thus, China wire and cable production enterprises will grow continuously with a more rapid.
So many people are optimistic that, China wire and cable manufacturing enterprises by strengthening the technical and management aspects of the independent innovation, investment, is gradually toward the wire and cable market more forward, even is the rapid trend of Korea's cutting-edge industry field approximation. Of course, the wire and cable market in the world almost all was Price Man of Italy, France, South Korea's LS cable, or Japanese Sumitomo electricians and other large wire and cable manufacturing enterprises monopoly, so the production of wire and cable business Chinese want among its also not easy in a short time.

China wire and cable production enterprises can not be world class, there's a reason is in many aspects, such as the low threshold of entry, the homogenization of serious, low price competition, shoddy phenomenon frequently bad and so on, in spite of the talking like a raging fire but we found, many electric cable manufacturing enterprises is almost keep from talking about a problem, this is the enterprise the ability of independent research and development. In fact, this is the most fundamental reason, the builder from design to construction field of electric wires and cables, other auxiliary materials and wires connected to also need to have high quality and reasonable price level, but the production of wire and cable business Chinese is with market demand gap, also cannot achieve this level of technology.

Wire and cable manufacturing enterprises to occupy the market, a firm market, should still adhere to the product to speak, say the rest are "seasoning", the product is the core competitiveness, is the "main course". Independent research and development ability is insufficient, independent R & D capability can not be mentioned, will result in high cost of production, rather low profit. Another important point is, if not through independent research and development capacity, thereby enhancing the quality of the products, create more in line with the wire products market demand, so the production enterprise is difficult to capture the market, it is difficult to become bigger and stronger, brand.

Moreover, should not be overlooked, although Chinese railway and city track transportation industry is developing rapidly, the development of the telecommunications industry, shipbuilding, electric power and other industries to the wire and cable industry has broad market economic situation at home and abroad, but the pressure also is objective existence, in conflict with the game of this, how to seize the opportunity first, enterprises will be bigger and stronger, or need to wire and cable manufacturing enterprises to further study, instead of waiting, waiting for the market to find on their own. In this way, is tantamount to Arabian Nights.

At present our country industry faces four problems, first is the developed countries to return to high-end manufacturing, increase the competitiveness of Chinese products pressure; followed by other developing countries with lower labor costs and the cost of production factors, for China's low-end manufacturing; the third is China's labor costs and other factors of production costs continue to rise, corporate profits compressed; fourth is our country in the core technology heteronomy, lack of scientific and technological innovation. At the same time, then compared the wire and cable industry facing the same objective, found some problems: that is: the market for the product requirements of continuous improvement, gradually from low-end to high-end transfer; market environment more complex, change from meeting domestic demand to participate in international competition.

Wire and cable manufacturing enterprises through the promotion of independent research and development capacity, upgrade through industrial transition, in order to improve the quality as the core, and extends to the brand, market and technological innovation, has become the industry competitiveness, realize the industry from large to strong key link is the primary driving force. On the contrary, too much emphasis on the wire and cable industry dilemma and thinking, not only for the production of wire and cable enterprises did not help, but will the industry as a "dirty water", more difficult to allow the market to choose the domestic wire and cable products, run counter to one's desire. Therefore, the angle of wire and cable production enterprises should be technological innovation, product innovation, management innovation and upgrade, independent research and development will be put on the agenda, with independent intellectual property rights, in order to further enhance the company's core competitiveness. Through technical innovation, product innovation in order to reduce the production cost, and to the superior performance of seize and occupy the market. Through management innovation can not only from the point of view of saving cost point of view, and to enhance the production of production staff knowledge, skills and the most important responsibility, to refine on work, strict manufacturing quality products.
The current technology innovation system of wire and cable industry has not yet formed, independent design and development ability is poor, basically at the low level of Surveying and mapping, imitation, not yet fully grasp the design technology of wire and cable products, has not formed a wire and cable products, materials, technology and equipment development mechanism combination, so it is difficult to meet the needs of the development of the industry. And the reality is, along with the continuous development of science and technology, industrialization, higher demand for wire and cable products, this is the fact that does not dispute.

According to the relevant department statistics show, at present China's wire and cable industry average R & D funds 1% of sales, domestic cable companies more than 90% of the production concentrated in low-end products. In this context, if the production of wire and cable enterprises cannot actively to produce to meet market demand, wire and cable products to meet market standards through independent innovation, the result must be ruthlessly eliminated by market. But only through the wire and cable production enterprises for independent innovation is highly valued and implement, can occupy the market profit at the same time, to create the domestic brand and international brand.

From the Chinese visionaries wire and cable manufacturing enterprises upgrading, perhaps we can get some enlightenment. Such as the popular market of "cold cable", especially in the northeast area, as the local temperature is low, in the winter, the temperature is as low as 20 degrees below zero, it generally applies only to the above zero in the production of products, in the northeast area especially in the cold winter of Northeast area difficult to construction. Thus, a group R & D "cold cable" is to meet the needs of the market, so as to be able to display one's skill to the full. It is reported, "cold cable" is applicable to 40 degrees below zero cold area of operations, due to the "high technological content and cold resistant cable", breaking the original seasonal restrictions, soon play the leading role in the market, 2012 sales have exceeded 40000000 yuan, an increase of 10 times as much. From the practice and the success of many wire and cable manufacturing enterprises, it is not difficult to find the fundamental right of wire and cable manufacturing enterprises to occupy the market lies in the product, is through the independent research and development, production to meet market demand more and more high performance products.

Chinese wire and cable production enterprises in the face of the huge market temptation at the same time, we must calm down, by enhancing the capability of independent innovation, to complete and realize the development and innovation of enterprises. Grasp the independent intellectual property rights more in key areas, occupy a space for one person in the frontiers of science and strategic high technology fields. Especially in today's increasingly competitive market, production enterprises only by constantly exploring new areas, can hold the market, remain invincible.

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