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The rise USA aluminum alloy conductor construction cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-04-17

In America, 40 years ago, building cable conductor from pure aluminum to aluminum alloy, come a long way, reflects the technical progress American building cable products. Now, the variety and scope of application of aluminum alloy cable continues to expand, and may become "mainstream power cable products in aluminum generation copper".

Aluminum conductor cable: building 1960'S in the early 1980s, in American and Canada, aluminum conductor cable in the building in the amount of increase, even small specifications for the construction of the aluminum conductor cable. Because of the low cost, wide source of aluminum, with ordinary grades, grades for the AA-1350 hard aluminum (or EC electrical aluminum) aluminium core cable manufacturing rapidly building. North America many buildings are equipped with the aluminum core cable. Because of the pure aluminum conductor cable with plug socket performance does not match and often happen, and was known as the "old technology of cable", later gradually be eliminated. Practice has proved that, although AA-1350 aluminum conductor has been improved, but there are still two fatal problems: one is the unstable connection, safety performance is not good; two is the low mechanical properties, installation of poor performance.

Aluminum alloy conductor building cable: 1960's in the late 1970s, early aluminum core electrical wiring installation frequent security failures, electric power department and issued many residents complain. American South Wire Co (Southwire) development of architectural aluminum alloy wire new beginning from 1968, take the lead in development, and began America and Canada application. In 1970, the South Wire Co in conjunction with the experimental mechanism and a connector electrical products company developed a re evaluation of the aluminum conductor scheme. American Underwriters Laboratories (UL) on the aluminum core building cable and connector re qualification test, connector, re production of new aluminium core cable with connector architecture. After strict selection, and ultimately selected AA-8000 series aluminum alloy used in the manufacture of building cable. Among them, the application is more AA-8030 and AA-8176 aluminum alloy. Interlocking sheath using AA-5000 series aluminum alloy.

Compared with the traditional AA-1350 aluminium alloy, AA-8000 aluminum alloy has a higher tensile and yield strength, elongation and softer better. In 1972, USA National Electrical Code (NEC) of formal rules, all the construction of the cable must be using the new AA-8000 series aluminum alloy, and AA-1350 hard aluminium is mainly used for power transmission line and aerial cable. After 1972, AA-8000 series aluminum alloy conductor wire started building large area popularization and application. In 1978, UL released the standard UL 486B "for aluminum wire connector", ensure the aluminum core cable line from building safety connector.

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