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The second half of the year the railway investment has massive in full swing

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-07-07

In June 30th alone, from north to south, there Harbin to Jia Musi railway, Beijing Shenyang Passenger Dedicated Railway Liaoning section, Hebei, Hangzhou to Mount Huangshan Huaihua to Shaoyang to Hengyang railway 4 railway started construction, intensive degree is not less than the period of "great leap forward" railway.

Not only that, according to Chinese railway company news release, there are 14 railway began to focus on in the near future, the total mileage of 3712 kilometers, the scale of investment of 327300000000 yuan.

A study said, along with the steady growth of signal continues to strengthen, "iron and the" once again faced with upgrading to strengthen, the relevant departments and local governments are ready, large-scale investment just kicked off.

Railway construction intensive spread

Like a starting gun, suddenly opened the second half of the railway construction act.

With the formal construction, a world-class gold travel channel began to enter the opening countdown. This article from the Mount Huangshan to Hangzhou passenger railway line to the east of the Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Huangshan City, Shexian and Xuancheng Huizhou District, Jixi County, and Zhejiang Chunan County, Tonglu County, Jiande City, Fuyang City, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, a total distance of about 265 kilometers, the formation of world level gold travel channel a 1 hours access, also and Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo series, the passenger flow into inland city in Yangtze River delta.

"One of the skeleton of four vertical and four horizontal", the Hebei Liaoning section of Beijing Shenyang passenger dedicated also officially started construction.

In addition to already began, many are ready to start the construction of the railway is ready.

In Guizhou, plans to start the year of the Guizhou Guangxi railway line was officially included in the Guizhou province of railway construction project in the battle. In addition, it is understood, originally planned to start in 2017 to the racecourse Ping railway, is expected to start this year.

"Iron this year 64 new projects, compared with the beginning of the original plan 44 projects, more than 20 new projects, which are later plan, now all ahead of schedule. "Wang Mengshu said Chinese academician of Chinese Academy of engineering.

Steady growth new power

In a large number of railway intensive construction at the same time, local have adjusted the railway investment planning.

Recently, Yunnan, Sichuan, Guangdong, Gansu, Zhejiang, Hunan and other provinces have held a meeting to promote the railway construction, layout planning and construction of the new.

Zhejiang provincial government recently announced and mobilization deployment of the railway construction in Zhejiang "eight eight plan", in 4 years (2014 to 2017) Zhejiang will start 16 railway projects, investment 135000000000 yuan, is expected to 2020 Zhejiang railway mileage than the current double, to 4000 kilometers. The Hunan provincial development and Reform Commission, said in a news release, 5 new railway projects in Hunan plans to start in 2014, a total investment of nearly 100 billion yuan, a record high.

In the southwest, Guizhou puts forward to the completion of the railway investment 33000000000 yuan, an increase of 2000000000 yuan over the beginning of target.

"The local government and the iron general, railway construction is a win-win move. 'iron-based public investment as' traditional' steady growth 'means, in the next six months, will continue to play its role. "Academy of Social Sciences, one expert said.

In fact, the railway construction has been the national economy "weapon steady growth", but also effective measures of reducing regional economic disparities. From the long-term benefits, along with the local railway line have been built into the road, railway, the greater the local economy development will drive the regurgitation, continuous flow and tourist flow of people, logistics, information, for the promotion of the sustainable development of the local economy will be more far-reaching significance.

Since the first half of this year, request for additional projects and the local government has begun to frequently visit iron. Company management construction and Planning Department of the provincial government work overtime almost every day of the docking.

With the acceleration of investment, the railway financing reform in small step jogging. It is understood, the local government is actively planning the establishment of various methods of railway development fund, attract social capital, railway land development to raise funds for railway construction. Recent provinces open to private capital projects with a total investment of over 1.5 yuan. 

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