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The state will focus on support for HTS power cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-24

Although China is the world's largest producer of electric wire and cable, cable companies large and small 10000, but more than nine enterprises are small and medium enterprises, product homogenization, repeat construction phenomenon is serious, the product is almost in the low-end wire and cable, so produce fireproof cables, locomotive vehicle cable, nuclear power plant, heating cable cable, special cable manufacturers less and less, the existing electric wire and cable manufacturing enterprises accounted for the total number of less than 1%, resulting in insufficient supply of special cables, most still rely on imports.

As an important part of high temperature cable, special cable, have extremely strong "vitality", the current market is in short supply trend. Based on high temperature cable, the relevant national planning also set up a "major projects of the high temperature superconducting" support. At present, according to rough statistics, China's annual special cable products sales of about 40000000000 yuan, the total sales of domestic wire and cable accounted for 30% of the market demand, high temperature cable. Since this year, the world of superconducting cable project developed and grid demonstration run message As one falls. Study 20 years of "superconducting transmission" finally entered the practical stage, is expected to commercial operation will start in 5 years.

Although the state support, but China's high development of the cable technology can not meet the market demand. At the same time, is expected to total market 2020 global superconducting applications will reach $244000000000, the HTS cable accounted for about 5% of the share.

Expert analysis thinks, although our country in the research and application of superconducting power behind the American, if we seize the opportunity to develop, it is expected that by 2025 China superconducting power scale is expected to reach $913000000000, of which about 55% superconducting cable.

The first HTS cable transmission current the biggest in the world -- current carrying capacity of up to 10000, has been successfully developed in our country, which is also the world's first implementation of HTS DC cable grid demonstration operation, marking China's development in the large capacity superconducting cable again to make new breakthroughs, and is in the leading position in the international on the.

This attracted the attention of the academic dean. At the same time, academician Yan Luguang Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Gu Guobiao led the expert advisory group think, is the biggest characteristic of superconducting power transmission capacity, low loss, high current density, small volume, the HTS cable will greatly promote the development of China and even in the world of superconducting cable technology.

In addition to lay a good development future trend of HTS cable, and the demand for special cables in many fields will be greatly improved, the average annual demand such as locomotive cable will reach 160000 -20 million kilometers; communication and signal cable demand will reach 70000 -10 million km. In addition, the implementation of construction of city rail transit, also won a huge market for China's wire and cable industry, predicting vehicle demand cable will be 3 thousands of meters, traffic signal cable annual demand is about 20000 kilometers in...... In this context, it is not difficult to see that China's wire and cable industry challenges and opportunities coexist, cable enterprises should firmly grasp this opportunity to size up the situation, to exclude malignancy, disorderly competition, through mergers and acquisitions, increase technology research and development, further HTS cable in the cable industry, in order to obtain considerable economic benefits, but also improve my in the field of high temperature superconducting technology level, the revitalization of China's cable industry.

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