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The water treed XLPE cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-17

XLPE cable because of good insulation properties, high allowed working temperature has better mechanical strength by design and construction staff welcome, but many people do not know the water treeing make cable insulation breakdown.

In the cable manufacturing process, a trace amount of moisture from the outside invasion in the cable insulation layer is uniformly distributed, but cable is put into use  under the effect of the field, attracted by the non-uniform electric field, the polarization of migration, accumulation and produce local supersaturation state  forming water treeing. The insulating layer as long as there is water and the electric field will produce water treeing cable. Water treeing is void diameter of 0.1 micrometers to several microns with water collection. Water treeing and environmental humidity, humidity environment of cross-linked polyethylene cable in more than 65% of electricity can produce water treeing. Shanghai Research Institute of cable that cardiac CI ion, SO4 ion and NO3 ion water, compared with the same conditions of tap water, the water tree growth was 3 ~ 4 times faster. Water tree directly affect the life of the cable. In order to reduce the water tree growth, at higher and wetter water area, should not be buried in the southern region of Huangmei; seasonal cable channel is easy to condensation, thus to pass measures; cable entrance should water plugging measures, avoid rainwater into the cable trench; cable trench should be anti leakage measures and measures to prevent drainage  cable trench water.

The cross-linked polyethylene cable with water tree aging phenomenon, so the cable should not be used in damp environment for a long time, in the construction should be strictly to prevent moisture intrusion cable core cable internal cut end should be sealed.

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