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Wire and cable industry should strictly comply with national standards

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-04-15

"At present, the domestic wire and cable wire drawing oil industry market is very chaotic, no standard, no standard, this is pretty scary, very detrimental to the development of the whole industry." In April 11th, Dongguan City, the Lubrication Technology Co. Ltd. cable technology department director Feng Jun in 2014 China (Changzhou) electric wire and cable equipment and materials exhibition accepts reporter when the interview as saying.

Feng Jun worry about that, it is not in the standard, not the standard environment, many cable wire drawing oil production enterprises are playing the price war, industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

He introduced, copper wire drawing lubricant is the key material for cable industry, directly affect the quality of wire rod. In recent years, many problems caused by the quality of wire and cable fire, in addition to man Jerry outside, many accidents and inferior drawing oil relationship.

"Many caused by wire and cable fire source for electronic cable. Many people may not know, the conductivity is closely related with wire drawing oil." He told the cable network (cableabc) reporter explained, with the unqualified oil drawing while also can complete the production process, but in fact, due to the wire drawing oil lubrication is not uniform, so out of line size is not the same. And when the current through the wire and cable products in use process, the resistivity is also not the same, the cable is likely to cause fire accident at the fire.

Dongguan Anmei Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd. cable business belonging to the Anmei group, copper wire drawing aluminum wire drawing, its focus on the wire and cable industry in technological process and the surrounding chemical products, with copper, lubrication equipment, small, fine wire and cable industry solution for the cable industry, is now only one of the production of copper and aluminum wire drawing liquid "national high tech enterprise". Chinese Anmei group entered the market in 1995, by the end of 2012, the annual direct services to more than 12000 customers, has three production bases, the annual production capacity of up to 800000 tons.

This exhibition is the organizational unit for Shanghai Lianqiang Exhibition Service Co. Ltd., CO organizer for the Jiangsu Changzhou Hardware Electrical City in Anhui province and Wuwei County wire and cable industry association.

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