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Wire and cable, low voltage electrical appliances in China Compulsory Certification of products

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-06-11

Object of China compulsory product certification system for the human health, animal and plant life safety, environmental protection, public security, national security products. Included in the catalogue of products have not been certified and is not applied China compulsory certification mark shall not be ex factory, import, sales and use in business service activity.

Compulsory certification of products there are 22 major types of 157 categories, mandatory product involves many categories, wire and cable, low voltage electrical appliances, motor vehicles; involved in the industry field, the electronic, chemical technology, agricultural machinery, fire safety; relates to a wide range of knowledge, electrical, mechanical, wireless technology, medical etc.. With a certain degree of difficulty and the definition of the scope of product certification judgment.

The judging basis. In 2002, started the implementation of mandatory certification system, state quality inspection administration and the CNCA jointly issued a notice, the first batch of certified products. In the process of implementation of the compulsory product certification, through continuous adjustment, perfect, formed a new version of "the mandatory product certification directory description and definition list definition table", "to the product category description" is in the scope of certification of product categories preliminary judgment, only in the type of products can be for product certification range; define table "on the use of the product description and list" clearly the specific type of product, but it is worth noting that the product list does not necessarily include all possible product name, unlisted products according to the specific circumstances according to describe definition. Notice to further clarify the applicable scope of the mandatory certification of products, how to define the refinement, is currently the most clear, the most authoritative definition guide. Application of the implementation of the rules, according to the "Regulations" compulsory product certification, the CNCA shall compile and publish included in the directory product certification implementation rules, so as to guide the applicant to apply for certification, the certification agencies to implement the certification basis, to guide the local quality inspection institutions to supervise the implementation of the effectiveness of mandatory certification system. The preparation of the implementation rules for the specific product certification, with reference to the international guide (ISO/IEC guide 28) requirements, including rules covering the range of products, covering product certification rules according to national standards and technical regulations, certification models and corresponding product scope and standards etc.. Now there are 78 effective certification implementation rules, combined with the implementation of the rules, have a good help to define the scope of certification. Application for product certification standards, product standards are compulsory certification of products involved, directly applicable product standard of more than 250 copies, indirect reference standard wider. According to the standard types, reference standards are divided into three types: the national standard (GB), the national standard (GB/T), the industry standard (such as the standard of mechanical industry, communication industry standard JB YD/T, the security industry standard GA/T). Various standard specific description of the applicable range of products, product standards for detailed specifications list. Products such as the motor vehicle tire, not all tire specifications require certification, according to standard specification list, 235/60R18 tire specifications are not in the scope of certification, the standard definition of the scope of certification to provide strong technical support. For imported products to determine the suitable standard, should be combined with the products in the manufacturing countries / regions applicable standards, degree of correlation and comparison of the standard and the corresponding mandatory product standards, the standards adopted international standards, divided into equivalent (IDT) and modified (MOD).

Determine the product performance, structure and specifications. Especially in electrical and electronic products (except for telecommunication terminal, electric welding machine), is restricted to a connected directly or indirectly to greater than 36 volts (DC or AC RMS) power supply products. Indirect connecting is only rated working with power adapter is connected with the power supply network, if indirect connections for the power supply to a device, rated voltage greater than 36 volts (DC or AC RMS) is not in the scope of certification. As for the tubular fuse protection circuit of miniature fuse, rated current greater than 6.3 amperes are not included in the scope of. The performance parameters of the electronic product is crucial to its range of judgment. An important basis for the structure and specifications of products parameters as judgment according to the mandatory certification, product testing report, have relatively fixed structure and components for certification within the scope of products. As for automobile and motorcycle, train, ship, aircraft design, manufacture and use, has the specialized design and installation structure of the products is not in the scope of certification. If auto parts of interior products, less than the basic sample size (356mm * 100mm) products, such as: sealing strip, strip, sound the horn cover, car lamp and floor, seat cover, door inner panel, front / side / back wall panels, roof canopy on the small inner decorations etc. does not require certification.

Determine the product function. Different products with specific use the corresponding mandatory certification of products, there are 22 categories is according to the product application areas are classified, the product itself is the key to use. As for the mobile communication terminal equipment, wireless telecommunications terminal equipment included in the scope of mandatory product certification directory includes only GSM, CDMA and TDMA terminal equipment. In the market only GPS navigation products, according to the product involves the use of application areas, not in the certification scope. In the actual definition of the work, should be able to determine the product itself design function, the function of the product and standard product is often.

The conditions of supervision "inspection and Quarantine of imported products in the code L" instructions. According to statistics, in 2013 the import supervision conditions including "L" HS coding products a total of 354, the conditions of supervision does not contain "L" is a mandatory product category products HS coding for a total of 148, and each HS code corresponding to a plurality of specific products, the formation of compulsory products entry verification of the complicated situation. With "L" HS coding product has prompted the need for mandatory products entry verification, provide proof can be exempted from mandatory product certification certificate, apply for compulsory product certification certificate or proof for the directory of product technical data and other documents. Now the entry verification certification scope judgment relies on manual, define the scope verification is a comprehensive technical aspects of the work, bring pressure to the verification mechanism; and to document entry products of different trade use different required, by the consignee with a certain degree of test. This requires the verification mechanism in addition to enhance their ability to verify, also should be widely publicized entry verification regulations, which reduce the import customs clearance time, the cost of customs clearance has a direct influence on.

Now, with the CNCA to product certification system, the certification body certification work in practice and improve, to define the scope of compulsory certification product certification is more clear than before. In practice, we should master the scope definition table, the correct use of the implementation rules and standard product, determine the product performance, structure and specifications and functional use, considering the factors affecting all aspects of the problem, defined to solve the general scope of certification.

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