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Aluminum alloy power cable advantages

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-11

1 reliable safety performance.

Aluminum alloy cable in foreign countries has been America strict UL certification and in USA, Canada, Mexico and other countries mature in use for 40 years, never had any problems. Huadong aluminum alloy cable is introduced in America on the basis of advanced technology, independent research and development and has a number of patents, has the domestic authority over inspection, has reliable safety.

2 The conductive properties of the good.

Huadong aluminum alloy cable is made by adding our unique rare earth and copper, iron, silicon and other elements, the new alloy cable through a special process treatment, the electrical conductivity of copper is 62%. After special treatment, the alloy conductor cross section increases 1.28-1.5 times, so that the cable ampacity and voltage drop and electric properties of copper, "copper" to achieve the purpose of new alloy materials.

3 excellent anticorrosion performance.

Huadong aluminum alloy conductor contact with air to form a dense oxide layer, the oxide layer especially tolerant of corrosion in various forms, thus has the characteristic to withstand the harsh environment; and the optimization of the internal structure of matter alloy conductor, application and silane crosslinked polyethylene insulation materials, the alloy cable to extend the service life of 10 years than copper wire.

4 superior mechanical properties.

Huadong aluminum alloy cable rebound performance than copper wire of 40% small, high flexibility of 25%; have good flexural properties, laying radius is far less than the copper requirement, easier installation and connection; formula and special heat treatment significantly reduced the creep of conductors in the heat and pressure, so that the electrical alloy cable connection and copper as stable.

5 save economic performance.

The electrical properties of Huadong aluminum alloy cable, direct procurement costs than copper wire low 20% - 30%; as the alloy and the weight of the cable is only half of the copper, and has good mechanical properties, so the use of alloy cable can reduce the transportation and installation costs, general building saving construction cost by more than 20%, large span the building can save more than 40%. Effect of using Huadong aluminum alloy cable will have an immeasurable for the construction of a conservation minded society.

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