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high voltage xlpe power cable 6/10kv, iec60502

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Conductor Material:  Copper or Aluminum
Insulation Material:  XLPE
Jacket:  PVC
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high voltage xlpe power cable 6/10kv, iec60502
Rated voltage:6/10KV
conductor material:CU/AL
Standard: GB/T12706-2008 IEC60502-1997
Types:6/10KV 8.7/10KV 8.7/15KV 21/35KV 26/35kv

These types of cables are designed for medium mechanical stress (wringing and washing machines etc.), as connecting cables in houselholds as well as office appliances. The cables can be used for ovens, fans and heaters but direct contact with hot surfaces must be avoided. The cables are also suitable for moist areas.

Using features
1. Rated voltage: Uo/U: 26/35kV, 21/35kV, 12/20 kV (24 kV), 8.7/10kV, 8.7/15kV, 6/6kV, 6/10kV.
2. No. of core: Single-core, Three-core.
3. The highest allowed operating temperature of conductor for long-term working is 90 degrees.
In short circuit (Max. Longterm is no more than 5 seconds). The highest temperature for conductor is no more than 250 degrees.
4. D.C Resistance of the conductor complies with the stipulations of GB/T3956-1997.
5. The environment temperature should be no lower than 0 when lay. Otherwise it should be preheated.
6. The cable is laid without horizontal drop limit. The Min. Bending radius of three core cable should be no smaller than 12 times of cable outer diameter.
7. Working Frequency Voltage Test:.
For cable with Uo of 3.6kV or lower: 2.5Uo+2kV/5min without puncture.
For cable with Uo of 3.6kv~18kV: 3.5Uo/5min without puncture.
For cable with Uo of 21kV and 26 kV: 2.5Uo/30min without puncture.
8. Partial Discharge Test: The discharge volume should be no more than 10pC under 1.73Uo for the cable.

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: wooden drum,steel-wooden drum and as your requests
Delivery Detail: due to your order quantity

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