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To illustrate the application and advantages of aluminum alloy cable in engineering projects

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-02-09

China electrician industry from 1957 to 1973, has developed the aluminum row, aluminum wire, aluminum core wire and cable insulation, aluminum core magnetic wire, steel reinforced aluminium wire, aluminum cable and aluminum clad steel wire and other products, has achieved great results, the amount of the total amount of aluminum conductor conductor proportion increased to more than 60%. In the mid 90's, in some organizations publicity, promotion, promotion of copper core cable with great market potential. Now, the amount of aluminum conductor fell again and again, can not cause reflection.

Not to Chinese copper concentrate supply 30%, the proportion of more than 70% rely on imports, the foreign dependency degree which is far higher than the Chinese iron ore and oil, and driven by domestic demand, China has become the world's largest consumer of copper, copper consumption in 2006 Chinese amounting to 4000000 tons, accounting for the total global supply about 22%. The cables with copper parts imported from abroad, foreign mineral monopoly enterprises competed to raise prices, resulting in building electricity cost. Conversely, Chinese proven bauxite reserves of 37 tons. In the situation of the mineral resources of this, has the greatest esteem for at the price of imported copper, rather than their own rich resources of aluminum, the European peer did not understand. French cable industry once said, the French do not produce copper and aluminum resources are rich, so the power cable in France, over sixty percent of the use of aluminum conductor, and the French power company (EDF) recognition.

With the development of science and technology, high quality, high technology content of aluminum is developed, and the resource status of global lean copper rich aluminum, copper is now more than 3 times the price of aluminum (copper about 60000 yuan / ton, aluminum of about 17000 yuan / ton), "Al generation copper" has become a natural choice. The foreign research and application in aluminum conductor, America and Canada has developed AA8000 series of electrical grade aluminum alloy as the conductor material. American "National Electrical Code" NEC2008 version of the 310.14 states: 8AWG, 10AWG, 12AWG section (equivalent to the domestic 8.37mm2, 5.26mm2, 3.332mm2) made solid conductor should be AA8000 series electrical grade aluminum alloy stranded conductor; from 8AWG to 1000Kcmil (equivalent to 506.7mm2) by the AA8000 series of electrical grade aluminum alloy conductor material. Shandong Wanda Cable Co Ltd is based on the above specification particularly the development of aluminum alloy wire is suitable for civil building distribution.

The definition of aluminum alloy cable

Aluminum alloy power cable, is a AA-8000 series aluminum alloy conductor, using special pressing process and annealing treatment, and chain armour technology and other advanced technology invention of new materials to create power cable.

The difference between an alloy cable and cable

Alloy cable using AA-8000 series aluminum alloy conductor, and ordinary cables with copper or aluminum as the cable conductor.

Why should we promote the use of alloy cable?

In the same size, the actual weight of aluminum alloy is approximately 1/3 for copper. According to the calculation, in order to meet the same conductive properties of the same weight, aluminum alloy cable is two times the length of the copper cable. Therefore, the same as the ampacity of aluminum alloy and the weight of the cable is about half of the copper. The use of aluminum alloy instead of copper cable, cable can reduce weight, reduce the installation cost, reduce the abrasion of equipment and cable installation, make the job easier.

Alloy cable cable than ordinary advantage:

Conductive properties:

The conductivity of aluminum alloy is the most commonly used reference material of copper IACS 61.5%, carrying capacity is 79% better than that of pure copper, aluminum standard.

Creep resistance

Aluminum alloy conductor alloy materials and annealing process reduces the conductor in the heat and pressure of the "creep" tendency, compared to pure aluminum, creep resistance can be improved by 300%, to avoid the problems caused by cold flow relaxation or creep.

The tensile strength and elongation

Aluminum alloy conductor compared to the pure aluminum conductors, due to the addition of special composition and special processing technology, greatly improved the tensile strength, and elongation rate increases to 30%, the use of more safe and reliable.

The coefficient of thermal expansion

The coefficient of thermal expansion is used to calculate the size change material when the temperature changes. Aluminum alloy thermal expansion coefficient and copper, aluminum connector has been reliably for years for copper and aluminum conductor, most electrical connector and in use today are made of aluminium, which is especially suitable for aluminum alloy. So the conductor and the connector of aluminum alloy expansion and contraction completely consistent.

Deadweight capacity

Aluminum alloy to improve the tensile strength of pure aluminum, aluminum alloy cable can support the weight of the length of 4000 meters, 2750 meters of copper cable can only support. This advantage in large span buildings (such as stadiums) wiring was particularly outstanding.

Anti corrosion performance

Corrosion resistance aluminum edge inherent self when the aluminum surface is in contact with air to form an oxide layer is thin and strong corrosion, the oxide layer especially tolerant of various forms of. And the rare earth elements added to the alloy can improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy, especially the electrochemical corrosion. The characteristics of aluminum to withstand the harsh environment of the conductor which is widely applied in the tray cable, and many industrial components and containers. Corrosion usually generated with different metal in the humid environment of connection, can the corresponding protective measures to prevent corrosion, such as the use of lubricating oil, antioxidant and protective coating. Acidic soil alkaline soil and some types of have more corrosive to aluminum, so aluminum conductor directly buried insulating layer or sheath should be used to prevent corrosion of molding. In sour environments, such as railway tunnel and other similar places, the corrosion resistance of aluminium alloys is much better than that of copper.


Aluminum alloy with good flexural properties, special alloy formula, processing technology, which greatly improved flexibility. Aluminum alloy than copper flexibility high 30%, 40% lower than the copper rebound. Bending radius of cable is 10~20 times of the outer diameter of the general, and aluminum alloy cable bend radius of only 7 times the diameter, easier connection.

Armoured characteristics

Armored cable is used in China, most of the steel armor, low security level, is subjected to external damage, its resilience, easily lead to breakdown, and the weight, the installation cost is very high, and poor corrosion resistance, the service life is not long. We according to the metal chain armored cable USA standards development, is used in aluminum alloy with chain armour, the linkage structure between layer and layer, ensure the cable can withstand strong outside force damage, even if the cable pressure and large impact force, the cable is not easy to breakdown, improves the safety performance. At the same time armored structure so that the cable is isolated from the outside, even in the fire, armor layer improve the flame retardant grade cables, reduces the danger coefficient of fire. Armored structure relative to the steel tape armoured aluminium alloy strip, light weight, convenient installation, free bridge installed, can reduce the cost of installation of 20%~40%. According to different places can choose the outer sheath layer of different, make use of armoured cable is more widely.

Compression properties

Considering from the volume conductivity than copper, aluminum alloy conductor, but we develop not only the material performance improvements, but also to achieve a major breakthrough in the process, we use the compression technology of ultra conventional, the compression coefficient reaches 0.93, and the pressure coefficient profile line can reach 0.95, belong to first in the country. Pressed by the maximum limit, you can make up for deficiencies in aluminum alloy in the bulk conductivity of the stranded conductor wire core, such as solid conductors, significantly reduced wire diameter, increase the conductivity, under the same load flow case than copper conductor conductor 10%.

Flame retardant properties

When fire occurs in the building, smoke and halogen containing toxins (such as cable in the halogen flame retardants) is a fatal killer. "Code for electrical design of civil buildings" (JGJ16-2008) Regulations "second 7.4.1 for a class of high-rise buildings and important public fire safety requirements high buildings, low smoke halogen-free should use of flame retardant XLPE insulated power cable. "

Armour aluminum alloy cable Shandong Wanda Cable Company Limited production of the insulation is used in low smoke halogen-free XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) material, with its unique self-locking type armoured structure, to achieve low smoke halogen-free flame retardant grade IA, the cable transmission in the combustion rate of 99% (IA class standards transmittance ≥ 80%), produced only a trace of smoke, fire reduces two injury to the human body, is conducive to timely evacuation and rescue.

Aluminum alloy armor self-locking armored cable with good heat dissipation, can quickly remove heat, its flame retardant properties, can be quickly extinguished the flame after the withdrawal, will not delay and other materials. The combustion experiments, the fire 40min carbonation height of only 0.15m, far below the national standard "cables and optical cables under fire conditions in experiment thirty-third parts: vertically mounted bunched wires and cables vertical flame spread test a" (GB/T 18380.33-2008) flame retardant cable carbonization degree ≤ 2.50M requirements.

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