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Control cable appearance structure size to ensure product performance significance

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-02-11

The appearance quality of the cable is very important, appearance quality, generally to the user first impression is the cable so, cable all are very good attention to appearance quality, appearance quality, production workers and inspection personnel can not be ignored, must be strictly controlled to ensure the appearance quality.

Visual inspection. For inspection, is not an easy thing, the scale is not the main visual inspection good master, the same piece of cable are examined by different examiners, may have different conclusions. Nevertheless, as long as we grasp the standard seriously study, accumulate experience, when necessary, by means of the standard sample for inspection, visual inspection can improve cable.

1 The round aluminum rod

Check whether the roundness degree, hem, wrong circle, cracks, inclusions, kink defects and severe mechanical damage scar, pits, peeling, flying edge, corrosion spots etc..

2 The round copper wire

Check whether the smooth surface, there is no river mouth, burr, crack, folding and inclusions and scar, serious pitting corrosion, mechanical damage spots etc.. It is worth mentioning that there are copper oxidation degree, usually yellow as normal, pale red to mild oxidation, surface and a deep red, blue for severe oxidation, usually serious oxidation condition should be sentenced for waste treatment. Aluminum appears more road conditions in the manufacturing process, for overhead transmission lines should be strictly controlled.

3 the surface of aluminum than a wire, wire should be twisted tightly neat, there are no loose, kink, single line single out or bulge and single fracture phenomenon. In addition, in a single line of welded joints should be round and welding has been asked to do anti-corrosion treatment, the joint by most of the general no more than two times the diameter tolerance, single joint two weld spacing length to meet the standards, with a single two welds shall be not less than 15 meters, with a layer of non same root single two weld spacing layer is not less than 5 meters, the outer layer is not less than 15 meters, copper core is a single copper wire, welding is not allowed.

4 The appearance of the structure size cable

Cable appearance, structure and size of the examination is generally inserted or at the same time, the quality of cable, hand to see whether its performance is good, but the quality of its appearance, structure size also account for a certain proportion, cable appearance, structure size on the performance of the cable is influential.

A, partially attenuated, cause local heating, resistance increased, accelerated aging of insulation.
B, oxidation and rust spots, effects of conductor joint, increase insulation resistance, easy aging.
C, bruise or scratch affect the mechanical strength of conductor.

Visual inspection is finished, check the cable surface semi-finished products or materials, dimensional inspection is the size according to the provisions of cable standard to assess each cable. Check the cable structure refers to the cable of each component of the structure are examined, visual inspection such as oxidation copper wire has influence on the quality of cable, the size can be directly affect the cable properties, such as conductor diameter and the thickness of insulation resistance; and resistance and pressure is related to the degree of flexibility, the firm degree; wire and cable on the pitch. Manufacturing quality examination can expose cable, find the existing problems in the production process, therefore, control the appearance, structure size is cable performance guarantee.

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