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How to realize the cable code in ERP implementation

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-02-11

One, overview

With the development of information science and technology, today's society has entered an era of information technology, the current scale Chinese wire and cable enterprises have their own ERP system. The implementation of the enterprise, in the process of ERP application, preparation of the code is one of the most important and fundamental work. A set of complete and practical, strong expansibility, and can meet the requirements of the system coding scheme, every enterprise must solve the problems in information technology. Information coding enterprises should set out from the whole system, according to the functions of each subsystem, with all the information the enterprise product design, production, inventory, quality, sales and other activities as the object, the main information related to define, naming, determine the content, scope, method, classification coding to achieve information language, the establishment of a unified, unified common recognized in a certain range of identification. I have the honor to participate in the TBEA new cable factory ERP project coding work, in this paper, some ideas and methods of coding are described.

Two, the basic encoding rules:

ERP system implementation is one of the early work of key information coding standardization, design, in the process of the implementation of ERP system, application of the whole life cycle. Information coding standardization work with effort, involving special wide, large volume of information, long cycle time, work is difficult, so the material coding is a key as main data in ERP system. The new cable factory in the implementation of the project in early stage on the foundation of data group, responsible for the technical department senior technical personnel, the plant used by all the material separately, analysis. As the basic coding. The new information encoding cable factory have the following characteristics.

1, the only: to uniquely identify code, a code represents a kind of material goods, can not be repeated, not ambiguous.

The new cable factory mainly produces medium voltage cable of 35KV and below, computer cable, control cable, overhead lines, cables, low smoke halogen-free, low voltage cable, product type, specification is involved with various products, a total of 30000 or so, semi finished products a total of 100000 or so, in order to ensure the product code uniqueness, we will GB products into 10 types in accordance with the characteristics of points, bare wire products, plastic insulated wire, rubber insulated cable, overhead line, control cables, plastic power cable,Rubber cable, XLPE cable, computer cable, cable for mine. Class contains all the products factory can produce, according to cable categories products will be further subdivided, according to the voltage level and product attribute is divided into dozens of small class. By dividing the cable category classification of clarity, stick out a mile, simple and practical, effective solution to the problem of a plurality of code.

2, the standard: cable product varieties, specifications, as far as possible the use of national standards and ministerial standards;|

Some wire and cable products is currently no uniform national standards, product naming confusion, if system code is not unified, will give the product sales, production, warehouse cannot run smoothly. To solve this problem, GB products, coding will be in accordance with the national standards, each department to correct within and between the enterprises use the product code is not uniform, the non-standard products, standard encoding rules of enterprise, will enter this same kind of cable systems use the same code, if customers have special requirements, the use of the same product code within the system, just issued special requirements in the printing, it has effectively reduced the BOM, route maintenance quantity, and simplify the sales and inventory work.

3, simple: object code to simple and clear, readable, easy to understand, easy to use;

Material code this have no actual meaning, I plant all of the use of digital encoding, the encoding length with a total of 13, each number represents the different classification and specifications, this code is simple, clear, bringing great convenience to the later maintenance.

4, the system: system structure building code comprehensively, systematically;

The system construction, to consider all the system into ERP material, all the material enterprises use all into consideration, and according to the use of attribute classification, products used in our classification can be divided into seven categories, mainly finished products, semi-finished products, raw materials, fixed assets, low value consumable, office supplies, equipment repair product, this is conducive to the maintenance and modification of different departments unity.

5, scalability: all the code to leave adequate leeway, in order to expand.

Some cable type name types, to leave some leeway, can appear otherwise the code isn't enough, for example, computer cables, plastic power cable etc..

Three, the conclusion

Today's society is changing, the enterprise in order to adapt to the market, to occupy the market, must carry on the informationization construction, will be the implementation of ERP wire and cable enterprise more, I hope this paper mentioned some relevant coding experience can help them.

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