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The breakdown and the preventive measures of DC high voltage cables

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-02-11

(1) to strengthen the cable quality inspection work. Shanghai area in order to improve cable manufacturing quality, to send in the factory supervision measures, many problems are found in the course of supervision, and received good results. Executive had been the scene before the connector cable quality inspection in Beijing, found a lot of problems, but this measure has limitations, is the scene only appearance inspection, can not understand the internal insulation condition. To this end, Beijing is now using regular sampling on the cable, to send arms high or Shanghai cable inspection methods, to ensure that the cable quality. At the same time the cable manufacturer should also strengthen quality management, improve the quality of consciousness, strict factory test and inspection work, to eliminate substandard products into the market.

(2) improved cable installation quality. To improve the quality of cable installation should pay more attention to this problem, the professional construction team and enhance the technical level and the quality consciousness joint installation personnel, in strict accordance with the installation process, construction is the important way to reduce the cable accident. In the cable laying traction mode should be prevented from turning side pressure is too high, the joint installation should pay attention to the use of technical measures to ensure the installation of horizontal well, summarize in the construction.

(3) the new test means. Avoid the use of DC voltage in the acceptance test for XLPE cable, can adopt the method of series resonant or VLF, if there is no corresponding device can also be used 24h no-load operation mode.

(4) increase the depth of design drawings. Design is the construction guidance, improve design level is the key to improve the level of cable project, around the design units to strengthen the exchange and learning, give full consideration to the long-term safe operation of the cable system may meet, in order to ensure the long-term safe operation of the cable system to.

(5) to increase monitoring efforts. Many people think that the cable system can be maintenance free, this view is wrong. Before because no monitoring means good, cable operation Department can strengthen the inspection, now infrared thermometer began to use in some places, some places still joint parts installed temperature monitoring system, partial discharge technology has entered into application stage. All operations should be based on the actual situation of development or the corresponding detection means, do early prevention.

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