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Discussion on the classification and the use of communication cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-02-12

In communications cable engineering design, construction and maintenance, the first clear, accurate understanding of communication cable products.

Classification of all plastic cable

1 according to the type of cable structure -- non filled and filled.
2 according to the wire material -- copper conductors and aluminium conductors;
3 according to the core insulation structure -- solid insulation, insulating foam, foam skin insulation / solid;
4 According to the pair twisted way -- pair type and spiral type;
5 according to the core insulation color -- all chromatographic and common chromatography;
6 according to the cable core structure -- concentric (layer stranded type), unit type, beam cutter, SZ cutter;
7 by shielding way -- monolayer coated aluminium shielding, multi-layer aluminum and steel metal band composite shielding, and shielding belt is wrapped and longitudinal;
8 according to the jacket -- single plastic sheath, double plastic sheath, sheath, sheath, adhesive sealing metal / plastic sheath and special sheath;
9 according to the external protecting layer -- single layer, double steel armor and armored plastic protective layer;
10 use -- transmission analog signal and digital signal transmission;
11 according to the laying way points -- overhead, pipeline, buried, cable etc..

All plastic cable models

Cable type is the identification of cable specification program and use the code. In accordance with the purposes, core structure, wire materials, insulation materials, protective layer material, the outer protective layer materials, are represented by different Chinese phonetic letters and numbers, called the cable model. According to the original Ministry of Posts and telecommunications industry standard (YD2001 - 92), all plastic cable model representation and meaning:

1 categories
2 The insulation
3 shielding sheath
4 features (derived)
5 The layer of protection

example] HYA 100 * 2 * 0.5

HYA - 100 * 2 * 0.5 copper core, solid polyolefin insulation, plastic coated aluminum tape shielded, capacity 100, local communication pair type, wire diameter is 0.5mm plastic cable.

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