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The basic knowledge of the coaxial cable, data cable

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Coaxial cable from the use can be divided into baseband coaxial cable and broadband coaxial cable (i.e. network video coaxial cable and coaxial cable). Coaxial cable is divided into 50 Ω baseband cable and 75 Ω broadband cable two categories. Baseband cable and fine coaxial cable and coaxial cables. Baseband cable is used only for digital transmission, the data rate of up to 10Mbp

Coaxial cable to frequency range transmission than twisted pair cable wider (100kHz ~ 500MHz) signal. The coaxial cable used in network as an example to illustrate the structure and characteristics of coaxial cable. Often in the network using RG-58 coaxial cable.

Coaxial cable network:

(COAXIAL CABLE) cable coaxial conductor inside and outside the insulated inner conductor is composed of: copper wire, outer conductor copper tubing or network. Electromagnetic fields closed in the inner and outer conductors, so the radiation loss is small, the external disturbance small coaxial cable cross section. Commonly used in the transmission of multiplex telephone and television.

Coaxial cable structure and its related name. One of the most common transmission medium coaxial cable is in lan. It is used to a pair of conductors of transmission of information in accordance with the outer conductor is a layer of cylindrical inner conductor (a thin core) outside, between two conductors separated structure with insulation material selection, the core wire outer conductor and the center shaft center in the same axis, so called coaxial cable, coaxial cable is designed as such, but also to prevent transmission of external interference of electromagnetic wave anomaly signal.

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Coaxial cable according to its diameter size can be divided into: thick coaxial cable and coaxial cable. Thick coaxial cable

The cable is suitable for local network is large, it is the long distance, high reliability, because the installation does not need to cut the cables, and therefore need to be flexible and adjust the computer network position, but thick cable network must be installed transceiver cable, difficult installation, so the total cost is high. In contrast, thin installation is relatively simple, low cost, but as the installation process to cut the cable, both ends shall be installed on the basic network connection (BNC), and then are connected with both ends of the T type connector, so when the joint much easy to generate bad trouble, this is one of the most common fault in the operation of the ethernet.

Whether thick or thin is the bus topology, which is a cable connected with multi machine, this topology is suitable for the machine and dense environment, but when a contact failure, failure will affect all machine series the whole cable. Diagnosis and repair faults are very troublesome, therefore, will gradually be unshielded twisted pair cable or replace.

The advantages and disadvantages:

The advantages of coaxial cable can support high bandwidth communication in a relatively long without repeater on the line, but the shortcoming is also obviously: it is a large volume, thin diameter is 3/8 inch thick, a lot of space to occupy the cables and pipelines; the two is cannot withstand the entanglement, pressure and severe bending, these will damaged cable structure, prevent the transmission of signals; the last is high cost, and all of these shortcomings is twisted pair can be overcome, so now in the LAN environment, basic has been based on Ethernet physical layer specification of twisted pair replaced.

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Coaxial cable is divided into thin and thick cable: RG-58? RG-11 two.

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