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35KV cable shielding can be used instead of two layers of copper wire

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2019-05-07

The shielding layer is resistance to external electromagnetic interference, to prevent the electromagnetic interference generated by its own on the surrounding environment and the fault current effect due to the use of the process.

According to the applications of  4 core armoured cable sizes shielding performance requirements, the use of the materials are different such as copper braid shielding, copper tape wrapped shield, copper wire sparse winding shielding, aluminum alloy wire woven shield, copper clad aluminum wire woven shield, aluminum-plastic compound tape wrapped shield etc.. In order to ensure the continuity of shielding layer, reduce the transfer impedance of shielded copper strip, wrapping, wrapping Alplastics compound tape shielding layer is usually required in the longitudinally placed one or a plurality of annealed copper wire as the drainage line. While the shielding characteristics often through inhibition coefficient measurement of shielding layer (R) to measure. Copper wire braided shielding R=0.07 > copper tape wrapped shield R=0.02> copper wire sparse winding (plus reverse tie line) R=0.01

The main direction of copper tape shielding current is the same spiral with copper! 4 core 240mm cable price shielding current flowing through the short journey! Heat less! But with two layers of copper tape shielding, shielding the cross-sectional area increases! Through the current decreases! Heat is also reduced! Also can play a role of shielding signal. But for the 500mm2 load flow is larger, the electromagnetic field itself is also bigger, when the short circuit current exceeds a certain value, using the effective cross section of two layer material 0.12mm value can not reach the effective cross section larger wire out around the value, from the above consideration of view, copper wire sparse winding (plus reverse ligation line) the sparse winding effect than other shielding method is much better and more reliable,

continuous, the choice of copper wire sparse winding shielding.

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