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Rubber cable is mainly used for which project?

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2019-05-06

Rubber 3 core flexible cable is suitable for AC rated voltage 450/750V and below electrical home appliances, power tools, connection of various mobile electrical equipment and electric welder and welding tongs. Fine copper wire consists of a plurality of strands of YH rubber cable cabtyre cable for the inner conductor, outsourcing rubber insulation and rubber sheath soft, movable. Rubber cable generally includes the general rubber sheathed flexible cables, welding cables, submersible motor cable, rubber cable radio device and photographic light rubber sheathed cable, rubber cable is variety. Widely used in household appliances, electric machinery, mobile power supply cable electrical apparatus and instruments and other electrical equipment,
can be used in indoor or outdoor environment conditions. The external mechanical force according to the rubber sleeve cable bearing, the product structure can be divided into light, medium and heavy three, under normal circumstances: light rubber cable is used for the household electrical appliance, small electric equipment, flexible, lightweight, good bending performance; medium rubber sheathed cable in addition to industrial applications, also used in agricultural electrification, heavy cable for applications such as the port machinery, searchlights, and large water pumping station. Cable with a waterproof rubber sheathed cable and submersible pump, submersible motor mainly used for matching, model JHS, for rubber sleeve cable device of JHSB rubber cable radio, I plant mainly produces two kinds of rubber sheathed cable WYHD, WYHDP the former is not shielded, the latter with shielding layer.

The ytpes of rubber cable

For rubber sleeve H07zz-f cable product photography, combined with the development of new type of light source, has the advantages of small structure, good performance, and meet the needs of indoor and field work. Cabtyre cable rubber cable is divided into heavy cabtyre cable (YC cable, YCW cable), medium soft rubber cable (YZ cable, YZW cable), light rubber sheathed flexible cable (YQ cable, YQW cable), flexible water-proof cabtyre cable (JHS cable, JHSB cable), electric welding machine sets of soft rubber cable, arc welding cable (YH cable, YHF cable) YHD cabtyre cable with tinned power cable field. Rubber cable cabtyre cable YH electric welding machine, YHF welding on the voltage to the ground not more than 200V and 400V peak pulse current welding two secondary side wiring and connecting electric welding tongs for line is applicable to the welding machine wiring two side and special cable to connect the electric welding pliers, AC rated voltage not exceeding 200V 400V peak pulse current. For a single core structure, a multi unit made of soft wire cutter. Conductive core line outside a heat-resistant polyester film with insulation around the package, the outermost layer of insulation and sheath made of rubber as a protective layer. Flexible water-proof cabtyre cable JHS, JHSP, JHS waterproof rubber sheathed cables for AC voltage 500V and below a submersible motor transmission power. In the greater long-term flooding and water pressure, good electrical insulation properties. Waterproof rubber cable bending performance is good, can withstand the constant movement. The main properties of general rubber sheathed cable: rated voltage U0/U 300/500 (YZ), 450/750 (YC); long-term working temperature of wire should not exceed 65 ℃; "W" type cable with weather resistance and oil resistance, suitable for outdoor or contact with oil occasions; electric welding machine. Sheathed cable two times the voltage to the ground not more than 200V, DC peak value does not exceed 400V. Rubber cable general rubber sheathed flexible cables are generally divided into "light in weight,," type of product structure.

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