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Six major factors influence the performance of cable: Outdoor cables are placed reasonable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-02-16

Six major factors influence the performance of cable: Outdoor cables are placed reasonable

1 under the eaves. Cable only when not exposed to direct sunlight or ultra high temperature, standard LAN cable can be applied, recommend the use of pipeline.

2 walls. Avoid direct sunlight walls and man-made damage.

3 pipe (plastic or metal). As in the pipe, pay attention to heat damage and metal pipe plastic pipe.

4 Application of suspended / overhead cable. The cable sag and stress. Intend to adopt what kind of binding mode of cable is directly illuminated by the sun?.

5 directly in the underground cable trench laying, the environment is the control of the minimum range. Cable trench installation must be periodically dry or moist degree examination.

6 Theunderground pipeline. In order to facilitate future upgrades, cable replacement and surface pressure and the surrounding environment isolation, auxiliary pipeline isolation, auxiliary pipeline is a better method. But don't expect to pipeline will always keep dry, it will impact on the cable type selection.

Six factors affecting the performance of cable:

· ultraviolet (UV) light environment -- don't no UV protection cable used in sun within.

· temperature heat - cable in a metal pipe or a wire groove is very high, many polymeric materials will reduce the service life in this temperature.

· water -- in the LAN twisted pair cable water can increase the capacitance of the cable, thereby reducing the impedance and caused the near end crosstalk problem.Mechanical damage repair (repair costs) - cable is very expensive, need at least two terminating at each breakpoint

· ground -- if the cable shield to ground, it must comply with the relevant standards.

The total length of · routing (not only refers to the floor) -- building with exterior grade LAN UTP cable, its total length should be restricted within 90 meters. For a 100Mps or 1000Mbps network, the laying of the distance not exceeding this limit. Such as laying at the distance of 100 meters to 300 meters between, should choose cable.

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