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Analysis of defects in XLPE cable core extrusion

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-02-17

Core except mechanical and electrical performance has a strict requirement of XLPE cable, also have certain requirements on the surface quality, several defects present to do the following analysis.

1 partial core: partial core refers to the conductor insulation radial distribution is uneven.

The reasons are as follows: the core or core mold set too large gap between inequality and wire roundness to also have certain effect, recommended to choose the appropriate die, the gap between die, die sleeve uniform, to avoid pressure imbalance caused by the partial core, at the same time to choose the roundness a good core.

2 pits, drum kit: refers to the insulating surface is uneven.

The reasons are as follows; the insulating material to stay too long in the machine barrel, a portion of the insulating material of premature crosslinking, such that the cores caused uneven in the die, and raw materials have certain effects on the. Suggestions to shorten the school time, line speed must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of execution, normal operation can not suddenly reduce speed, so that the insulation material will not be premature in barrel crosslinking, but also to strengthen the control of the quality of raw materials, avoid pits, bulge phenomenon.

3 hole: a hole is not completely coated conductive wire core insulation.

The reasons are as follows: in the production process, high temperature insulation in a state of flow can not be completely coated conductive wire core. In the production process, temperature control and process parameters should be strictly in accordance with the technical standards, and crosslinking process of material of different manufacturers to make timely adjustments, to avoid the flaw.
To sum up, to avoid the above defects must improve staff quality and skills, to strict quality raw materials, crosslinked material of different manufacturers to have a certain adjustment, the only way to improve the quality of the products, improve the economic benefit.

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