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Low voltage cable accessories category

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-02-17

Low voltage cable accessories by far more products are mainly heat shrinkable accessories, prefabricated accessories, contraction type accessories. They have the following characteristics:

1 heat shrinkable accessories

The material is polyethylene, ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) and ethylene propylene rubber and other materials component of the blend composition. The products are mainly used in stress tube processing electrical stress concentration problem. Based on parameter control method to alleviate the electric field stress concentration. The main advantage is portability, easy installation, performance is good, the price is cheap.

Stress is a moderate volume resistivity (1010-1012 cm), a larger dielectric constant (20--25) thermal shrinkage of special electric parameters of the tube, stress the electrical parameters of cable insulation shielding fracture forced evacuation along the stress distribution more uniform tube. This technique is generally used for the 35kV and the cable accessories. Because the voltage grade is high stress pipe heating and will not work reliably.

The use of key technical issues:

To ensure the electrical parameter stress pipe must achieve the above standard value can work reliably. Also note that the cable is filled with silicone insulating air gap semi conductive layer fracture out to remove the gas, to reduce the purpose of partial discharge. XLPE cable because of stress treatment defects may occur in the operation of large shrinkage, thus in installation accessories should stress pipe and an insulation shielding build not less than 20mm, to prevent shrinkage stress pipe and an insulation shielding from. Heat shrinkable accessories for less elastic, running in the heat expansion and cold contraction may make the interface generation gap, thus sealing technology is very important, to prevent the ingress of moisture.

2 prefabricated accessories

The material is silicone rubber or epdm. Mainly using the geometry method of stress cone to deal with stress concentration. Its main advantage is the excellent material properties, installation is more convenient, without heating can be installed, good elasticity, making the interface properties have been greatly improved. Is the main form in recent years of low and high voltage cable used. Problems in the insulation layer outside diameter size requirements on cable, usually the amount of interference in the 2 ~ 5mm (diameter of the inner hole of the cable insulation diameter than the cable accessories 2 ~ 5mm), the amount of interference is too small, cable accessories will fail; excessive interference, cable accessories installation of non constant difficult (high technology). Especially in the indirect head problem is prominent, the installation is inconvenient, and often become the point of failure. In addition, the price is more expensive.

The use of key technical issues:

With the attachment dimensions and the installation cable size to meet the requirements. Also requires the use of grease lubrication interface, in order to facilitate the installation

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