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The main varieties of Huadong cable ultra high voltage power cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-02-18

The cable type Huadong Cable Co. Ltd is very rich, including technical development of ultra high voltage power cable comprises the following varieties:

(1) long length submarine power cable, with oil filled power cables and power cables, voltage grade is 35 ~ 110KV, section can be up to 500 ~ 1200mm2, length of 100 kilometers to tens of kilometers;

(2) a large section of high voltage XLPE power cable, voltage grade is 110 ~ 220KV, 1000 ~ 2500mm2 main specifications;

(3) large section EHV XLPE power cable, voltage grade is 275 ~ 500KV, 800 ~ 2500mm2 main specifications;

(4) 110 ~ 500KV oil filled cable, the main specifications of 1000 ~ 2500mm2; Chinese cable net all rights reserved, please come to China cable network

(5) high pressure, extra high voltage cable accessories, the main specifications of 110 ~ 500KV, 400 ~ 2500mm2;

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