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High performance cable should be able to provide the best durability, flexibility and shielding function

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-02-18

Global cable manufacturer has shielding function, to challenge a wider temperature range of more and more high mechanical durability, as well as the required application is extremely harsh environment and more complex under bending and chemical resistance properties. However, the cable fault and system down still occur from time to time, is this why?

Cable fault

If from the beginning to the correct choice of cable, a lot of problems caused by the cable fault (especially the operation in the extreme and harsh environment) can be avoided. People might say "cable select very easy", however, is this really the case? Chinese cable net all rights reserved, please come to China cable network

Indeed, matching the temperature range right and then rely on PVC materials protection function is very simple. However, the need to consider the problem is far more than these. Before the cable to select exactly matching, the engineers also had to consider many of the details, for example, should pay attention to when used in extreme temperature cable will be how to work, to determine the type of possible exposure to chemicals (oils, fuels, solvents), understand the difference between flexible and bending properties, as well as to UV irradiation and EMI/RFI interference classification.

Flexible and bending

Flexible cable need to bend the shield specific. When the shield is torn, lost continuity, choose standard foil shielding will lead to system failure.

The difference in mind should be flexible and bending properties. The cable can be bent and finish the assembly is very important, soft cable installation easier, but also simplify the fault detection cabinet and / or cable trough. One thing to note is that: when the cable is used for connection and cabinet, sealing circular cable to provide cable is better than spiral typical. So, after the consideration and the correct choice of circuit bending degree. In some manufacturing applications, the cable will continue to be bent. The ability to withstand millions of times more complex than the flexible bending.

So, how to choose the curved cable? First of all to consider bending type, single shaft, twist, or multi axis? Each type has different characteristics of cable. For example, single axis control cable is required for maximum performance (maximum 14000000 bend), also need a flexible cable structure of continuous curved screen. In uniaxial low environment requirement, need bending type structures and at least 1000000 curved cable can bear. In the distorted or different bending (such as torque robot) applications, you need to wrap cable complex and ± 360 ° /m arbitrary torque operation robot.

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