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Introduces the method of coaxial cable quality

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-02-18

1 The whole degrees, the coaxial cable insulation medium

Section standard coaxial cable is round, outer conductor of the cable, aluminum foil affixed to the outer surface of the insulating medium. The outer surface of the medium more rounded, clearance of aluminum foil and it looks smaller, less round gap is bigger. Practice has proved, the better the performance, the gap smaller cable in addition, big air gap easily penetrated the shielding layer and affect the service life of the cable.

2 Consistency of measuring coaxial cable insulation

Echo coefficient of coaxial cable diameter fluctuation margin medium main influence cable, this check can be split into a cable insulating medium, with micrometer carefully check the diameter, to see whether it is consistent.

3 Woven net measurement of coaxial cable

Coaxial cable textile network plays an important role in shielding performance of coaxial aims, but also in the centralized power supply cable TV lines or power supply loop line, so the coaxial cable quality testing to textile network is tight formation were observed, is cut open coaxial cable outer sheath, cut a piece of coaxial cable braid, identification the number of mesh, and the index value. If qualified, in addition to a single textile network cable with a micrometer to measure, in the same price, better quality and more coarse wire diameter.

4 check the quality of the coaxial cable foil

Coaxial cable plays an important role in the shielding effect is aluminum foil, it prevents foreign open circuit signal interference and the cable TV signal plays an important role in leakage, so the new coaxial electric purpose should check the quality of aluminum foil. First, open the sheath layer, observation of braided cable and aluminum foil surface is good luster; the second is a section of cable, tightly around the small metal shaft, straightened to reverse turn around, repeated several times, and then cut the cable sheath layer of aluminum foil with no watch fracture phenomenon, can also be a small aluminum foil profile rub repeatedly in hand and stretch, repeated rubbing and stretching not fracture, with certain toughness to vomit, otherwise defective.

5 check the coaxial cable outer sheath is extruded compactness

The high quality of the coaxial cable outer sheath are wrapped tightly, so as to narrow the gap in the shield, to prevent air entering the cause oxidation, prevent the relative sliding shielding layer induced by electrical performance drift, but wrapped tight will cause peeling inconvenience, increased the difficulty of construction. Check method is to take 1m long to cable, protective layer at the end Su, to force can not be out of line core is appropriate.

6  the coaxial cable into a ring shape

Cable into the circle is not just a cosmetic problem. But also quality problems. Cable loop formation, each cable stay on the same concentric plane, arc parallel to the whole contact between the cable and the cable, can reduce the mutual force of cables, stacking is not easy deformation damage, so in the acceptance of cable quality which can not be let down.

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