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The signal cable structure characteristics of Huadong cable Co.,LTD

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-02-19

1 insulated wire

An insulating layer of skin foam skin insulation wire structure, there are red, green, white, blue four kinds of chromatography, adopts the international advanced three layer coextrusion series wire manufacturing, namely the conductor drawing and skin foam skin insulation layer structure of the extruded once completed, to achieve a precise manufacturing online detection and control the product structure size and performance, its main advantage is the:

A. insulation layer and bonding conductor endothelial good together, ensure the insulating layer moisture resistance and adhesion fastness; foaming insulation layer for N2 Foam, compared with the traditional chemical foaming bubble small and dense and are not mutually communicated, thus has high foaming degree (60%), an insulating layer of foam mean four Quad capacitance decreased, reducing transmission attenuation constant.

B.The use of high density outer layer of insulating material, wear resistance and good mechanical strength, resistance to environmental aging properties of ordinary polyethylene material is more than 10 times, from the fundamental solution to the general railway signal cable in the presence of insulation aging crack problems.

C.Because single color masterbatch exists only in the outer layer, insulation resistance and high voltage breakdown strength was obviously improved, is the general railway signal cable is more than 3 times. Because the single production process to realize the detection and control of computer online, consistency single structure size, DC resistance on the working line deviation is reduced by 50%.

D. insulation single high manufacturing precision, effectively improve the electrical performance index of the product.

2 Quad four stranded

Four groups of advanced high-speed star quadding machine production, each single initiative for constant tension wire, unique design unique twisted pre twist, line device for performance index, pre twisting device can effectively reduce the capacitive coupling coefficient insulation caused by the eccentricity, the capacitive coupling coefficient reaches the minimum value; accurate the yarn tension is to ensure the stability of four groups of symmetrical structure, and can not make the skin foam skin insulation layer structure deformation and damage; four Quad twisted pitch accuracy, linear ordering, diameter control are key links the process, also is the key factor to influence the performance index.

3 Quad four unit shield

Quad four unit shielded cable in the purpose of electromagnetic shielding with copper wrapped, and along the strip surface creates a copper wire as the drain lines, to ensure that the shielding layer with shielding performance is stable and reliable in the cable laying construction and long term use.

4 Cabling

In order to improve cable crosstalk index, in matching twisted pitch rational design, cable process, and realize the full back twist twist, reduces the line between the direct system coupling, so as to reduce the crosstalk objective.

A cable unit up to four different structure, different size, in the stranding process of how to ensure the cable core is round, stable structure, compact is a key process must ensure that the cable, the cable core line sequence and the sequence completely correct.

5 cable Al sheath

Cable Al sheath aluminum band longitudinal wrapping aluminium sheath is formed by argon arc welding technology. In order to prevent the electrochemical reaction of aluminum sheathed in use process, coating on the aluminum surface of the sheath in the production process.

Aluminum sheathed cables for trunk cable, the largest amount, so the capacity and quality of aluminium sheath process is the key link in the process of product manufacturing. Cable Al sheath production of argon arc welding technology, welding quality is stable and reliable, which can bend test, flaring test and tightness test complete withstand according to related standard.

The performance index

Compared with the general railway signal cable, railway digital signal cable through design and process measures structure, working capacitance is decreased from 50nF/km to 29nF/km, the capacitance coupling K1 average value decreased from 141pF/km to 81pF/km, while increasing the impedance, attenuation, crosstalk of two transmission performance index. Although the quality of the products has great advantages and breakthrough in technology, but according to the actual testing and field application, the products also need to be further improved in the following performance. First of all, the conductor of products used in the process of mixing lines, break and oxidation; secondly, to improve the insulation tensile strength, elongation at break, layer of compressive properties; finally, the standard part two parameter setting is not ideal, associated with two parameters and the frequency of indicators is difficult to match the ideal value.

Especially the insulation strength, is currently the user (the Ministry of Railways Engineering Unit), between product quality supervision and inspection center and manufacturers have differences and is very concerned about the issue, which is not only a new technical problems for cable manufacturing enterprises, at the same time will result in the product structure, performance index and standard deviation because of the improved insulation strength.

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