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Influence of Building Cabling installation environment on the wires

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-02-19

Installation problems: used at commercial grade UTP stretch will elongate cable. Commercial standard maximum tensile stress is 25 lbs. Stretching before, the cable is 100 feet, stretch, may become 100 feet 2 inches. Cable stretching will cause loss of signal much (attenuation) and signal delay. These effects will limit the cable may be laying distance. When handling cable, twisted pair may spread, for spacing between wires center change line, causing an imbalance. Thus, the coupling effect between lines with more (crosstalk), echo signal transmission (return loss), more easily influenced by the surrounding electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. All of these factors will cause the loss of cable transmission data may, causing industrial process interrupt or safety problems. Belden CDT patented adhesive attachment to technology can prevent the spread of the line, to ensure that the design performance of the cable. Each line of the insulated conductor along the entire cable physically together. No matter how are you handling, even when installed, line to also won't be not separated. Adhesive attachment to also increased the mechanical strength, in addition to the mechanical stability, but also improves the degree of tension.

The influence of temperature: the above problems are caused by the handling cable. In industrial applications meet the extreme temperature environment will meet what problem? Extreme low temperature make cable become hard, brittle, very difficult to use, especially the cable installation too crisp is a very serious problem. On the other hand, high temperature may cause the plastic properties used in cable laying cable temperature degradation, should be based on the expected corresponding. Cable temperature ratings are not the only consideration. At 20 ℃, each increase of 1 ℃, COTS class 5E cable attenuation will increase 0.4%. At 60 ℃, attenuation may increase 16%. At present, Belden CDT provides a DataTwist cable, enhanced the anti decay properties at high temperature. On the other hand, the user can cable laying shorter, or hope to signal is strong enough, that can also receive the electromagnetic and radio frequency interference is error free reception. But cable headroom height and inherent immunity may have been damaged during installation, Belden CDT patented adhesive attachment to technology can be prevented by the installation modification by stretching, even taking into account more (such as environmental temperature rise) but also ensure the performance promised.

Ultraviolet radiation and sunlight: most commercial 5E cable is not used for outdoor use, when the cable is exposed to the sun's ultraviolet rays under plastic sheath cable, will accelerate decomposition. The mechanical strength of sheath (i.e., separate) began to decrease, shorten the service life of the cable. Belden CDT DataTwist provides anti sunlight (SUN RES) of the cable sheath, ensure that they can in the practical application of durable.

Resistance to oil: in daily production activities in the practical, very multi-component require lubrication is very good in order to ensure the smooth operation of. Lubricating oil extracted from oil will be immersed in the COTS class 5E cables, especially at high temperature. Oil will cause the cable sheath expansion, loss of mechanical strength, so that the inner core is exposed. DataTwist cable provides a variety of oil proof jacket, you can meet the actual needs of production.

Mechanical wear, cutting and rolling:: if driving in the cable above, may damage the entire cable. Ordinary commercial cable or even no chance to survive. Sheathed cable DataTwist cable has the industrial level, some of which have unique surface sheath, can provide additional mechanical protection against wear and cut. Reinforcement of DataTwist products using the reinforced armoured interlock, adhesive attachment to and Belden CDT can be installed performance to ensure that the tenacity of the Ethernet cable. Electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, noise and shielding: avoid interference source potential is the best choice. The first step is to, in the laying of cables should be kept away from the interference source, such as electric welding machine, relay or DC drive. When you try to control such as welding robot and similar sources of interference when how should do? One approach is the use of optical fiber cable. Cable can avoid the influence caused by electromagnetic and radio frequency interference of the absolute. If you are worried about the cost, complexity or cable tough problems, can consider the use of shielding 5E copper solution. Even with a layer of aluminum foil shielding simple, provide very significant anti electromagnetic / radio frequency interference in the right grounding can also.

Grounding: grounding correctly is the key to obtain effective shield. No grounding or earthing incorrect may reduce the shielding effect. The best shielding and grounding should contact the only. When the interference signal is coupled into the shielding layer, the current will be guided into the earth, to avoid the effect of shielding layer under the line to be. When the shielding of the proximal and distal and ground connection, may form a ground loop. The ground potential difference proximal location and distal position will form a huge potential and current in the conductive shielding layer. Earth current shielding flow of shield to become sources of interference signal carrying line.

Balance: highly balanced, stable UTP can provide immunity to very large. Lines per half a kink pair can be regarded as a loop antenna. The other half of consecutive kink in both directions and the top of the wire instead. In a best balance loop antenna cable, alternating polarity will offset plus online on interference. Adhesive connection provides most close to the perfect balance to the cable, especially after the rough installation and subjected to mechanical damage in everyday use. In the presence of interference, cable balance and stability is the key to success in the application of industrial Ethernet in.

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