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Knowledge of civil house wire and cable shopping

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-02-20

With the development and popularization of household electrical appliances, household consumption increased rapidly, in order to safeguard the family electricity safety, consumers in the purchase, use wire should pay attention to the following matters:

One, wire surface markers

According to the China standards, continuous mark wire surface should name of manufacturer, the product type and rated voltage. This is conducive to the problems in the process of wire used to timely find manufacturers, consumers must pay attention to this point in the purchase of wires.

At the same time, consumers should pay attention to the certificate is marked on the manufacturer name, model, rated voltage wire and wire surface printing signs are consistent in the purchase of wires, to prevent counterfeit products.

Two, wire appearance

Consumers should pay attention to the wire's appearance should be smooth in the purchase of electrical wiring, insulation and sheath layer without damage, mark clear printing, non greasy handprints wires. From the cross section of the wire, insulation or sheath wire over the entire circumference of the thickness should be uniform, not partial core, insulation or sheath due and certain thickness.

Three, the conductor wire diameter

Consumers should pay attention to the conductor wire diameter in accordance with section express wire on the certificate in the purchase of electric wire, if the conductor cross section is small, easy to make wire heating caused by short circuit. Wire is made of 1.5 mm and above specifications recommended home lighting circuit; power large household appliances should use 2.5 square mm and above specifications wire air-conditioning, microwave ovens.

Four, standardize the use of

Should the standard wiring, fixed line had better use BV single core wire tube, take care not to damage the wire in the wiring, don't damage the wire in the room decoration; not joint in a line; wire access electrical box (box) don't touch line; the other in larger power consumption of household appliances such as air conditioners should a single wire and power supply; the best to maintain a certain distance, strong weak electricity.

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