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Processing method of XLPE power cable damp

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-02-20

In the reconstruction of city power network, cable especially polyethylene insulated power cable has been widely used. But because of the particularity of cable, cable installation, operation and maintenance have special requirements. The cable damp or water to reduce the insulation resistance of cable, is the cause of several important aspects of operational accidents of cable line.

1, the cause of polyethylene insulated cable damp or water

Crosslinked polyethylene insulated power cables in the laying installation and operation caused by moisture or moisture into the cable insulation, mainly in the following situations.

(1) the end of a cable sealing cap sealing lax or transport in cable, cable laying process end sealing cap from being damaged by external force

(2) in the transport or laying cable in cable sheath by external forces of destruction.

(3) in the cable test or run time, cable insulation breakdown of cable sheath.

(4) cable accessories (especially in the middle joint of directly buried installation) not seal. Moisture or water once from the end of the cable or the cable outer sheath into the cable insulation, there may be insulated copper wire shielding from outside or from conductor clearance longitudinal permeability, endanger the whole cable system. Cable moistened will have a "water tree" phenomenon under high field, so that the cross-linked polyethylene insulation performance decline, eventually led to the breakdown of cable insulation. Therefore, cable moistened must be moisture treatment. So far, the operation method of moisture treatment there is no standard to damp cable, also there is no uniform identification standards for drying processing results. Here is a cable to tide methods and steps.

2, to the principle of tidal processing with compressed gas medium at one end of the cable (usually of my company in 2004 to find a cable grounding fault, with the shake table test B phase resistance is zero, judge for the single-phase ground fault with 4 examples of dry. This cable length is 450m, because of the low resistance fault, low pressure pulse and therefore the use of above; in the measurement method can directly calculate the fault distance measurement end distance, selected cable parameters, use the tester to find that a Q cable head breakdown. From test to find fault with only 30min, save maintenance time, reduces the loss!

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