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Characteristics and applications of common enameled wire

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-02-21

Usage and feature of enameled wire.

1 acetal enamelled wire; thermal class i05 and 120 of two, high mechanical strength, good adhesion, resistance of transformer oil and refrigerant resistant performance, but the product moisture resistance performance is poor, heat soft breakdown at low temperature, durable benzene alcohol mixed solvent properties of weak, at present only a small amount for oil immersed transformer oil filled motor, winding.

2 polyester and modified polyester enamelled wire, ordinary polyester enameled wire, thermal level 130, after the modification of enameled wire thermal class is 155. The product has high mechanical strength, and has good elasticity, scratch resistance, adhesion, electrical properties and solvent resistance, it is a variety of Chinese largest production, accounting for about 2/3 of: widely used in all kinds of motor, electrical, instrumentation, telecommunications equipment and appliance products; the product is the weakness of heat the impact of poor performance, anti moisture performance is low.

3 polyurethane enamelled wire; heat grade of 130.155.180. is the biggest characteristic of having direct welding, high frequency performance is good, easy coloring, moisture resistant properties, widely used in electronic appliances, precision instruments, telecommunications, instrumentation, the product weakness is the mechanical strength is a bit poor, heat resistance is not high, and the production of large specification for line flexibility and adhesion is poor, so the product specifications to small and micro wire for.

4 polyester imide enamelled wire, heat level 180 the product good heat shock resistance, softening breakdown resistance to high temperature, excellent mechanical strength, resistance to solvent and refrigerant properties are good, weakness is hydrolyzed easily in the closed condition, widely used in motors, heat resistant requirements of high electrical appliance, instrument, electric tool power dry transformer etc. winding.

5 polyester imide / polyamide imide enamelled Xianmi composite layer at home and abroad at present widely used heat-resistant enamelled wire, the thermal level 200, the product of high heat resistance, is also resistant to refrigerant, cold resistant, radiation resistant properties, high mechanical strength, electrical properties stability, chemical resistance and resistance to refrigerant performance is good, strong overload capacity. Widely used in refrigerator compressor, air-conditioning compressor, electric tools, explosion-proof motors and high temperature, cold, radiation resistance, motor overload conditions, electrical appliances.

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