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Should pay attention to the installation of power cable laying

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-02-21

Introduction: since there has been such a problem, namely the wire and cable manufacturers through the detection of qualified products factory, after a period of time, after the user units in the installation process or the installation operation for a period of time, always reflect this or that problem, like that of the installation process than the outer protective layer damage or crack, install and use a period of time that cable heating and so on, which caused between manufacturers and users unhappy. We manufacture quality at the same time in the textual research of cable, cable installation for quality should also be strict attention. In this simple inductive power cable should be paid attention to in the installation process, hoping to avoid more problems, reduce the loss.

 1 The lowest laying temperature

Cable laying should achieve above 0 ℃ and has kept for 24 hours under the conditions of ambient temperature and the temperature in the cable, or to take special protective measures for laying cable maintained at 0 ℃ condition.

Especially for PVC plastics, as the temperature is lowered to PVC plastic will become more and more hard and more brittle. If at a temperature of 0 DEG C or below the cable bend too fast or impact, PVC plastics have the risk of rupture.

 2 The minimum bending radius of

Cable installation minimum bending radius according to the GB/T12706-2002 standard, see table
During the installation process should be strictly in accordance with the standard requirements, of course, should as far as possible the use of large radius of curvature.

3  moisture

Cable should pay attention to avoid protective layer damage the cable in the cable laying process. This is a particularly important in humid and corrosive environment in the cable laying. Remember in the handling and storage, laying cable may damage the cable sheath or moisture-proof seal, should be careful construction.

 4 The armoured ground and ground

For ordinary power cable, 35kV and below voltage, usually no cable metal sheath, all ground fault current will pass through the sheath and / or shielding layer reflux, unless provided with a parallel grounding line to eliminate part of the fault current. In either case, must be ensured by the no load point break point and no high resistance sheathed and / or shielding layer in the loop. The other is that all external joint sheathed wire or armored belt and contact with all the contact surface completely clean and clamp to ensure good electrical contact.

For cables and / or shield, armor and / or shield should be connected to the main grounding system and power supply side, ground connection should have sufficient inductance metal grounding wire, grounding connection parts should be as short as possible and straight, also should take special protective measures to prevent corrosion caused by corrosion, especially the use of different metal materials. For single core cable should be connected to the ground connection and grounding layout to accommodate the circulation of armoured and / or in the shield. When using the single point grounding system, attention should be paid to armor and / or shielding exists on the induction voltage.

Good grounding armoured and / or shielding layer is one of the factors to avoid cable heating.

5 After the installation of test

If the requirements of electrical test after installation, should be in the cable and matching accessories installed after completion. According to the requirements of GB/T12706-2002 standard, should be applied DC voltage of 4U0, duration of 15min, breakdown does not occur in the process of test. Cable but this requirement only applies to new installations, not suitable for cable has been put into operation (regardless of the length of running time).

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