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Prefabricated branch cable varieties, models

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-02-21

FDZ series of prefabricated branch cable varieties, models can choose cable (all copper conductor) models have:

YJV- cross-linked polyethylene insulation polymer grade ethylene sheathed power cable.
ZR-YJV- cross-linked polyethylene insulation polymer grade ethylene resistant sheath resistance soft power cable.
NH-YJV- cross-linked polyethylene insulation polymer grade ethylene sheathed fire-resistant power cable.
YJV22- Cu or Al conductor XLPE insulated, steel tape armored poly grade PVC sheathed power cable.
YJV32 42 Cu or Al conductor XLPE insulated, steel tape armored poly grade PVC sheathed power cable.
VV polyvinyl chloride insulated armored sheathed power cable. ZR-VV- PVC insulated PVC sheathed flame retardant power cable.
ZH-VV- PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable fire.
VV22- PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable.
VV32- PVC insulated steel tape armored PVC sheathed power cable.
GWDZ-, WDZA-, WDZAN-WDZAN- a new generation of poly nitrogen. Low smoke, low toxic PVC sheathed power cables, halogen-free.
G- oxygen barrier layer series of branch cable.


1, without special instructions, the rated voltage of cable (U0/U) are 0.6/1kv copper conductor low-voltage power cable with single core.
2, main cable adopt black sheath power cable.
3, branch cable no special instructions, are made with the same type of power cable trunk cable.
4, branch cable if you want to use the color (yellow, red, green, blue, yellow and green) BV-50O type wire, should specify when ordering.

The main properties of FDZ series prefabricated branch cable:

1, the insulation resistance is greater than or equal to 200M;
2, the insulation is greater than or equal to 3.5kV/5min;
3, good air tightness and water resistance, branch splice is immersed in water, measure the insulation resistance and withstand voltage shall comply with the requirements of 1 and 2 between the water and the cable core.
4, the branch joint contact resistance is small, the branch line contact resistance with the same length ratio ≤ 1.2 reference resistor;
5, the joint strength changes after short circuit, short circuit ratio in contact resistance rate ≤ 0.2;
6, ZR-YJV type flame retardant prefabricated branch cable, self quenching time continued ≤ 12s sheath, in accordance with the requirements of GB12666.5;
7, NH fire resistance cable can supply under normal working conditions, but also in the case of fire, to maintain the normal operation of 90min, to meet the requirements of GB12666.6.
8,The maximum operating temperature of VV copper core cable is 70 ℃, the highest temperature of copper core type YJV cable is 90 ℃;
9, has good corrosion resistance, resistance to inorganic salt, oil, alkali, acid and organic solvents on the corrosion;
10,Excellent thermal stability and aging resistance YJV type prefabricated branch cable has;
11, GWDZ, WDZA, WDNA, WDZAN- clean type prefabricated branch cable has low smoke, low toxicity, non halogen, fire resistance performance.
12, GZR-YJV septal chloride layer series of branch cable. Has high flame retardant, fire resistance, flame retardant properties over a flame retardant standards.

The main advantages of the FDZ series of prefabricated branch cable

With the safety and reliability of excellent:

1, the main cable conductor without joints, good continuity, reduce fault.
2, the branch joint adopts whole process mechanization production, greatly except the low for the factors causing the quality bad phenomenon.
3, the branch joint structure is reasonable and the LYZ advanced technology production, very low contact resistance, is not affected by the heat expansion and cold contraction.
4, a short period of time die sheath, avoid contact with the joint copper core long time exposed to chloride in the air and the contact resistance change caused.
5, the branch joint have strict technical standard and inspection requirements, and strict quality system wide.

Easy installation, low requirement for environmental conditions, convenient construction

1, occupy small area building, conducive to efficient use of the construction area, no requirements on the size of the room construction.
2, the use of low environmental requirements, low precision requirement for installation.
3, the installation is simple and convenient, installation and technical requirements are not high, the installation equipment is a common hoist can be. And short installation period, the installation time for busbar only 1/10 or 1/20. Install low labor intensity.
4, because of its small bending radius, the difficulty of installation and reducing the space dimension is reduced greatly.

Excellent anti malleable, airtight, waterproof and fire resistance

1, excellent resistance to the development, general mechanical connection bus slot joint, joint loose in the wall under vibration, and FDZ series prefabricated branch cable is not affected. Especially in the building settlement joint does not need any measures.
2, good air tightness and water resistance, can the normal supply of power in a humid environment, also can be in open pit and buried.
3, the "prefabricated branch cable NH" type, but in the event of fire, keep the supply operation 90min.

Maintenance free

1, prefabricated branch cable according to the specified installation method, the disposable opening rate is high.
 2,Prefabricated branch cable system the normal operation of the usually do not need any maintenance, fault rate is zero.

Can significantly reduce the distribution cost

1,Compared to with the bus slot, the engineering cost can be reduced, and the technical and economic index is high, the prominent economic benefits.

More varieties of different specifications, a flexible choice, any combination of

1, the main cable from the 10mm2 to the 1200mm2 branch cable from any combination of 10mm295mm2 access.
2, cable varieties, VV, ZR-VV, NH-VV, YJv, YJV22, YJVaZ, YJV42, ZR YJV, NH JV, WL NH, ah, can choose according to need.
3, branch joint according to the floor to set arbitrary branch location

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