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Brief introduction of process performance of Huadong XLPE cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-02-22

One, the concept of

XLPE cable usually refers to the cable insulation layer adopts cross-linked materials. The most commonly used material for crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE). The crosslinking process of the polyethylene linear molecular structure (PE) materials by processing specific, so as to form a crosslinked polyethylene type reticular junction structure. The long-term permissible operating get increased from 700C to 900C (or higher), short circuit to allow the temperature increased from 1400C to 2500C (or higher), in keeping with its original excellent electrical performance, greatly improves the performance of the.

Two, the crosslinking process

The process of producing cable and cable industry can be divided into three categories: the first category of peroxide chemical cross-linking, including saturated steam crosslinking,
Inert gas crosslinking, molten salt crosslinking, silicone cross-linking, are adopted at home second kinds of dry chemical crosslinking of silane crosslinking; second; third type of radiation crosslinking.

1, the inert gas crosslinking ­ ­ ­ -- dry chemical crosslinking

By adding peroxide crosslinking polyethylene insulating material, a conductor shielding layer of insulating layer -- through the completion of three layer coextrusion
The insulation extrusion shielding layer, continuously and uniformly filled with high temperature, sealing crosslinked by high-pressure nitrogen tube finish cross-linking process. The heat transfer medium for nitrogen (inert gas), crosslinked polyethylene has excellent electrical performance, production range up to 500KV.}

2, silane crosslinking of warm water crosslinking

Using polyethylene silane crosslinking agent of insulating material, the extrusion mode 1+2 complete extrusion allogeneic shield - insulation - insulation shielding layer, the cooling of hydrolytic crosslinking plate insulation cores in 85-950C hot water, because wet crosslinking will affect the insulation layer in the water. In general the highest voltage grade is only 10KV.

3, irradiation crosslinking -- physical crosslinking

By modification of polyethylene insulation material, allogeneic shield - insulation - insulation shielding layer through the extrusion of 1+2

After the extrusion, the line core insulation after cooling, even through the window of the high energy electron accelerator irradiation scan completion of cross-linking process. Irradiation cross-linked cable material without the addition of crosslinking agent, the crosslinking is produced by the high energy electron accelerator high-energy electron beam penetrating the insulating layer, cross-linking reaction of the energy conversion, because the electrons with high energy, and uniformly through the insulation layer, so the crosslinks formed by the combination of high energy, good stability. Physical properties exhibited, heat resistance is better than that of chemical crosslinking cable. But as a result of the accelerator energy level constraints (generally not more than 3.0Mev electron beam effective penetration thickness below 10mm, considering geometric factor, voltage grade production cable can only reach 10KV, in 6KV the following advantages.

Three, irradiation crosslinking cable characteristic

Cable insulation aging life mainly depends on the thermal aging, it is insulated thermal oxidation, the material in the heat for pyrolysis, thermal oxidative cracking, determined by the condensation reaction speed, so the insulation thermal aging life directly affects the service life of the cable, in accordance with the chemical reaction kinetics is derived and the artificial accelerated aging test measured (20-30) irradiation crosslinking cable allowed working temperature:

1, the YJV 0.6/1KV 1160C power cable

If the rated working temperature of 1050C is derived, its thermal aging life of over 60 years.
If the rated working temperature of 900C is derived, its thermal aging life of over 100 years.

2, overhead insulated cables JKLYJ 10KV 1220C=

Aerial insulated cables laying in the open air, insulation resistance and radiation resistance is more important. Irradiation cross-linked insulation material to the
After irradiation, which itself has very good resistance to radiation, radiation dose applied cross-linked production process from its damage dose left a large safety margin. Polyethylene radiation damage dose is 1000KGY, and the processing of dose is about 200KGY, with special formula improvement, in a relatively wide range is still affected by radiation crosslinking state, so early in the use of a longer process of radiation and its performance will be improved.

Four, common plastic insulated cable performance comparison:

Currently in production of cable, insulating plastic has the most commonly used polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene materials with better electrical performance and better crosslinking, and therefore the production process a variety of industrial development of crosslinking, chemical crosslinking and crosslinked by irradiation. In addition to the table properties, in the production and installation process, the insulating layer are commonly used XLPE cables were hardness and strength of large (at room temperature), especially the ratio of PVC insulation stripping difficulty increases. The crosslinking properties of radiation crosslinked cable is best, the highest degree of crosslinking, relative maximum peel strength. If the XLPE cable insulation layer peeling easier (similar to the polyvinyl chloride), it is inevitable that the crosslinking degree is not enough or no crosslinking. Typically, XLPE cable production of warm water crosslinking process, appear more crosslinking degree not enough, because the product was crosslinking degree is relatively low, and the crosslinking process of non continuous, not automatic control, greatly influenced by subjective factors, prone to owe crosslinking.

In the case of 1*70 illustrate common plastic insulated cable characteristics table


The common PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
Chemical crosslinking of polyethylene
Radiation crosslinking of polyethylene
200C Volume resistivity
Temperature rating(0C)
Short-time overload temperature(0C)
Carrying capacity (Times)
Aging conditions0C 7 days
1000C 7天
1350C 7天
1580C 7天
Load elongation (≤%)
Load scraping and grinding resistance test (time)
Abrasion resistance
5 times for PVC
PVC 5 times、nylon 10times
Oil resistance, chemical corrosion resistance
Immersion in gasoline 7 days without change
Immersion in gasoline 30 days without change
Dielectric constant
Oxygen index
The bundle burning carbonization and partial height
UV light induced aging resistance of KJ
Tensile strength N/cm2
when 700C 12.5
when 900C 12.5
when 900C 23.1
Elongation at break
when 700C 125%
when 900C 200%
when 900C 240%
Ozone resistance, ozone concentration
0.03% fault time (hours)

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