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Armored cable terminology

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-02-22

Armored cable is composed of different materials conductor is mounted in a metal casing insulation materials, solid assembly process is capable of bending. Armored cable comprises an armored thermocouple, armoured thermal resistance, sheathed heater and armoring lead wire, mainly used in chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, power generation and scientific experiment of temperature measurement, signal transmission and special heating, the largest amount of armored thermocouple.

Foreign armoured cable production mainly concentrated in a few developed countries, such as Britain, Japan, Germany, USA, Russia and Southeast Asia Chinese, no manufacturers, but as long as the chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, power generation and other industrial areas there is temperature measurement, we need armoured cable.|

Armoured cable model: HYA53, HYAT53, HYA23, HYV22, HYA22 (rat, buried)

Armoured cables use:

Armored cable mechanical protection layer can be added to any of the cable structure, in order to increase the mechanical strength of the cable, improve the anti erosion ability, which is designed for susceptible to mechanical damage and erosion prone area telephone cable. You can use any kind of laying, laying of buried more suitable for rock area.

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