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Communication cable manufacturing need to pay attention to those problems?

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-02-24

Communication cables is used for audio communication cable near and far distance high frequency carrier and digital communications and signal transmission, is one of the Chinese five cable products. According to the use of communication cable and the range of use, can be divided into six series, namely city communication cable (including paper insulated cable, the words of polyolefin insulation polyolefin sheath city telephone cable), long-distance symmetrical cable (including paper insulated high frequency long-distance symmetrical cable, copper core polyethylene foam high frequency long-distance symmetrical cable and digital transmission distance symmetrical cable, coaxial cable) (including small coaxial cable, coaxial and micro coaxial cable), submarine cable (can be divided into symmetrical and coaxial cable submarine optical fiber cable (cable), including the type, the traditional strip array and matrix type three), RF cable (including symmetrical RF and RF coaxial).

Then the East Cable Co. Ltd. in order to ensure the quality of communication cable, we should pay attention to the following seven aspects:

1 raw materials, the best use of anaerobic electric copper rod, the resistivity and tensile strength, elongation rate to meet the standard requirements, insulating material using HDPE high density polyethylene, volume resistivity of insulating to ensure, plastic tensile strength, with a layer of aluminum plastic composite layer thickness should be consistent with the corresponding standard.

2 wire drawing, such as conductor monofilament HYA 1200*2*0.4 diameter is 0.4mm, the general use of 280 continuous annealing copper drawing machine for drawing, drawing annealing current, wire tension and wire to control, this link is critical, pulled out of the 0.4mm copper wire must ensure that the diameter error within ± 0.004mm, f ≤ 0.004, otherwise it will cause exceed the standard resistance, resistance unbalance.

3 insulation extrusion, masterbatch and insulation material according to 1:50 proportion, insulation extrusion has the best online laser diameter measuring instrument and extruder linkage production line, in order to ensure insulation diameter is uniform, otherwise it will affect the work of capacitance, capacitance unbalance parameter properties.

4 core twisted pair, sub unit and super unit into the cable, twisted pair pitch should be controlled strictly in accordance with the chromatographic section calculated distance, the pitch is based on capacitance chromatography, near end crosstalk, far end crosstalk parameters difference determined. Sub unit and super unit of SZ cable, the insulated strands corresponding uniform distribution in the junction plate, not to save trouble, wear on the wire in a wire hole, twist on wire line tension must maintain a moderate size, uniform, often caused by the wire stretched thin, to the electrical parameters detecting unqualified, in addition the chromatographic tie with color should be strictly in accordance with the standards, because too many large number of communication cable, ribbon error will cause the user connection errors or rejection.

5 A total of core cable, a cable pitch diameter ratio, prepare line number and chromatography on strictly according to the process execution, if the production of HYAT oil filled cable, filling the tank pressure control in general 0.4MPa, temperature control in 90 ℃, packing box die aperture to the right, this link should pay attention to, control is not easy to make the cable core is burned, repair them in trouble. In addition to this product, to look at the best conductor connectivity test and insulated wire core voltage withstand test, there are problems or find repair.

6 Out of aluminum bonded LLDPE polyethylene sheath, this process is often a problem, longitudinal lapping of aluminum-plastic composite belt width, length to calculate the cable length, to prepare for the electric iron, magnesium powder flux, used for butt welding aluminium plastic tape. Aluminum strip butt welding for, in the sheath extrusion time, aluminum-plastic belt joint application of scissors into 45 degrees of butt welding, butt welding must be firm, otherwise the extruded plastic fracture, it would have to stop over again with polyethylene sheath, aluminum-plastic scalping that would be difficult, difficult not to say, lane is bad to can damage the wire core. Plastic band longitudinal wrapping the overlapping mode selection must appropriate, die size which is different from the ordinary into the cable when the indifferent, slightly improper, will cause the sheath extruded aluminum with fracture. Polyethylene sheathing, should use warm water cooling, extrusion sheath surface attached to the water bubbles, which pitted pit appeared sheath surface, can be detergent in water and washing powder or solve the problem. Polyethylene sheathing appearance is very bright, if a frosted appearance, need to increase the die temperature, also can use gasoline torch spray directly to burn out head, in order to ensure the appearance. Pressure extrusion crawler traction should adjust the appropriate size, otherwise the cable will be compressed.

7 the product test, large number of communication cable, such as HYAT1200*2*0.4, insulated wire core 2400 multiple, insulation jacket front rather cumbersome, often need 3, 4 individuals with scissors and a hour, scalping length 15cm on the line, oil cream filling can be end on gasoline clean, insulating tool handle it can be a parameter, the two parameter detection.

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