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Compared with the comprehensive performance of the copper clad aluminum copper

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-02-24

The inner conductor cable according to the different points, mainly have two kinds, one kind is pure copper, a copper clad aluminum material. Copper cladding aluminum English is: Cooper Clad Aluminum, so the copper clad aluminum conductor: conductor is often referred to as the CCA. Copper clad aluminum composite wires first by German in the last century 30's launch, then spread in Britain, France and other countries, America, widely used in various fields. American CATV cable started the trial use of copper clad aluminum as early as 1968, consumption amounted to 30000 tons / year. Now America has used copper clad aluminum (steel) cable instead of copper cable. In recent years, China's copper clad aluminum CATV cable has been widely used. Countries to develop industry standards -- SJ/T11223-2000 in 2000, vigorously promote the use of copper cable. The cable television Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhejiang, Liaoning and other places has been generally adopted the copper cable, good response.

Copper clad aluminum copper layer is coated on the aluminum or aluminum alloy steel core material surface concentric, the drawing and become, copper thickness above 0.55mm. Due to the high frequency signal in the transmission has the characteristics of conductor skin effect, the cable TV signal copper layer on the surface of 0.008mm above the transfer, copper clad aluminum conductor can fully meet the requirements of signal transmission, the transmission characteristics of the signal are consistent with the same diameter wire copper body.

We can compare the copper clad aluminum and copper is the following four aspects:

Mechanical properties

Copper conductor strength, elongation rate of copper clad aluminum conductor, is pure copper in mechanical performance than the copper clad aluminum. From the design point of view, the advantages of copper conductors than copper clad aluminum conductor with good mechanical strength, not necessarily in the practical application process. Copper clad aluminum conductor is much lighter than copper, so copper cable in the whole weight than pure copper conductor cable should be light, it will bring convenience to the transportation and cable erection construction. In addition copper clad aluminum than pure copper soft point, copper clad aluminum conductor cable in the production of flexible than pure copper cable better.

Electrical properties

Because aluminum has poorer conductivity than copper, the DC resistance of copper clad aluminum conductors than copper conductors, this has no effect mainly depends on the cable will be used to power amplifier, such as to provide power, if be used to supply words, copper clad aluminum conductor will cause additional power consumption, low voltage. When the frequency is more than 5MHz, the attenuation of AC resistance at this time have no obvious difference in these two different conductor. Of course, this is mainly because of the skin effect of high-frequency current, the higher the frequency, the current flow is more close to the conductor surface, on the surface of copper clad aluminum conductor in pure copper material, when the frequency is higher than a certain time, the current flowing in the copper plating material. In the case of 5MHz, the current flowing in the near surface approximately 0.025 mm in thickness, and the thickness of copper layer of copper clad aluminum conductor than the thickness of about one times. For coaxial cable, because the transmission of the signal is above 5MHz, so the copper clad aluminum conductor and a copper conductor transmission effect is the same. In the actual test of the cable attenuation can prove this point. Copper is copper conductor soft, easy in the production process of straightening process, therefore, to a certain extent can be said for cable copper clad aluminum than cables with copper conductors echo loss index.


Copper clad aluminum conductor are sold by weight, pure copper conductor is sold by weight, copper clad aluminum conductors than the price of your weight in some copper conductor. But the same weight of copper clad aluminum than pure copper conductor length, and according to the calculation of the length of cable. The same weight, copper clad aluminum is 2.5 times the length of the copper wire, the price is only hundreds of yuan per ton. Integrated down, copper clad aluminum have an advantage. The copper clad aluminum cable is lighter, cable transport costs, installation costs are reduced, will bring certain convenience for construction.

Easy maintenance

The use of copper clad aluminum can reduce network fault, avoid network personnel in maintenance "fuyuko shear core, Xia Zi cut skin" (aluminum band longitudinal wrapping or aluminum products). Because the expansion coefficient of aluminum conductor cable with copper inner and outer conductors of heat is larger, in the hot summer, aluminum outer conductor has larger, copper inner conductor relative retraction, not full access to the F elastic contact piece in the head seat; in cold winter, aluminum outer conductor shrinkage, the shielding layer off. When the coaxial cable with copper conductor, it and the aluminum outer conductor difference of thermal expansion coefficient is small, the temperature changes, fault in the cable core is reduced greatly, improves the quality of the transmission network.

In general, the overall performance of copper clad aluminum conductors than copper conductors is good, it will save the cost of users.

According to the insiders, the copper clad aluminum wire and cable industry is also a kind of good ways to alleviate the pressure. Double wire wrapped a layer of copper wire drawing and become, because it has the advantages of small specific gravity, good transmission performance, especially suitable for the inner conductor of coaxial cable, compared with the pure copper, the density of copper about 40%. And the transmission performance is better than that of pure copper wire, coaxial cable branch line is the most ideal conductor.

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