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Distinguish between flame retardant cable and the fire-resistant cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-02-24

The fire wire and cable is the floorboard has the fireproof performance of wire and cable, usually divided into flame retardant cable and the fire-resistant wire and cable two.

1, flame retardant wires and cables

Flame retardant refers to block, delaying flame spread along the wire and cable, so that the fire did not expand the types of cable, ignition Zixi performance.

Flame retardant cable according to the national standard (GB12666-99) can be divided into three levels: ZRA, ZRB, ZRC. In general, product name, ZRA is usually expressed in GZR, which is called high flame retardant cable or oxygen barrier cable or high flame retardant cable. In general ZRC said ZR fire retardant products.

Flame retardant cable is an electrical property keep common cable and physiochemical properties at the same time, Zixi, is not easy to burn, or when the cable for its fire or fire ignition and fire, fire extinguished cable no longer continue burning, or burning time is short (60 minutes), or burn length a short.

Halogen free flame retardant cable advantages compared to halogen containing flame retardant cable with low toxicity, low smoke, no halogen. Flame retardant level is not high, basically is the C class. The reason is swallowing oxygen halogen radicals extinguishing efficiency higher than that of non halogen flame retardant efficiency degradation temperature.

Oxygen barrier flame retardant technology is mainly wire and cable insulation between the outer sheath filling a layer of inorganic metal hydrates in the cable, it is non-toxic, odorless white jelly, not containing halogen. Oxygen barrier layer flame retardant cable without changing the original cable structure, material parameters, and can be applied to low, medium, high voltage power cable, control cable, communication cable, and the cable flame retardant a chemical.

2, fire-resistant wire and cable

Refractory refers to under the flame combustion can keep a certain time of operation, namely, to maintain the integrity of the power supply circuit, the types of cable with a certain time in the flame..
Fire resistance cable according to the national standard (GB12666-99) experiments can be divided into two classes: NHA, NHB; in the general product name, NHA is usually expressed in GNH, which is called high flame resistant cable. NHB in general refractory products are expressed as NH.

Fire resistance cable can continue to work at the time of the fire (transport current and signal), the fire spread not in the assessment of. Flame retardant cable at the time of the fire soon stopped working, its function is difficult to burn and does not affect the self quenching. Fire resistant cable is 750 ~ 800 ℃ flame burning in the last 180 minutes of normal operation.

Fire resistant cable is actually another type of refractory cable. It is based on copper for the conductive wire core, the seamless tube is sheathed, becomes with inorganic mineral Magnesium Oxide as material for insulation group

Because of the whole is inorganic material, therefore, the entire fireproof cable does not burn, nor burn. And can be subjected to fire. The experiments show that: in the flame burning in 800 ~ 900 ℃ for 2 hours, the cable has been a normal power operation, burning 30 minutes still intact at 1000 ℃ flame, continue to operate normally. The normal working temperature is 250 ℃, safe and reliable operation.
In addition, this kind of fire resistant cable is also known as the mineral cable (internationally known MI cable)

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