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Power cable why so multilayer?

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-02-24

The outermost layer of power cable is usually rubber or synthetic rubber sleeve, this layer has the functions of insulation, but also to protect the cable damage effect

Then the high voltage or low voltage cable, if is high, there is a layer of filler resin like, this is the isolation function, in high-voltage cables, this layer is the most important part of the insulation. Low pressure without this layer. Then there will be some similar wrapped wire with the same thing, this is in order to fix each core cable, put in the middle of the space

The shielding layer, divides two kind of situations, the shielding layer of power cable have two functions: one is because the current power cable through the comparison, the current existence of a magnetic field around, in order not to affect the other elements, so the shielding layer of the electromagnetic shielding in the cable; two is to play a certain ground protective effect, if the cable core line breakage, leakage current, it can smooth laminar flow such as shielding grounding grid, the safety protection function

Control cable in many places, especially the control cable computer system, shielding layer here is used to shield the outside influence, because the current is very weak, very afraid of electromagnetic field effects of the outside world

Composition of power cable should be: conducting wire core, an insulating layer, a protective layer. A detailed classification (high pressure, low pressure will not say): conductive wire core, an inner semi conductive layer, an insulating layer, an outer semi conductive layer, the copper shield, filler, lining, the double belt protection layer, layer of protection. These parts!

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