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Low smoke zero halogen cable extrusion process matters to the attention of the

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-02-24

With the development of technology of flame retardant cable materials, new flame retardant cable has been generated, from the original ordinary flame-retardant cable to the development of the low smoke and low halogen flame retardant cable and low smoke halogen-free flame retardant cable. This shows that in recent years on flame retardant cable of the increasingly high demand. In Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries, environmental protection type of wire and cable has become a mainstream product all cable varieties, the Government prohibited the use of or the import of non environmental cable. The common fire retardant material contains a large number of halogen, in the combustion will produce a lot of smoke and toxic and corrosive hydrogen halide gas, and halogen-free flame retardant mainly choose to implement in the polyolefin, so the low smoke halogen-free cable will be the main trend of development, extrusion so following on from the following several aspects to the low smoke no halogen cable material were discussed.

One, extrusion equipment

1 main parts, wire and cable extrusion equipment is a screw, which is related to the scope of application of the extruder and the production efficiency, to meet the different needs of plastic processing, there are many kinds of screw type. Low smoke halogen-free flame retardant cable materials containing high filling of magnesium hydroxide or aluminium hydroxide, so the screw selection is generally used in screw type and its compression ratio can not be too large, generally in 1:1 ~ 1:2.5 between the more appropriate.

2 important factors, the extrusion process and a low smoke halogen-free cable material extrusion, cooling device that is extruder, because of the special low smoke halogen-free materials, in the extrusion process, and produces a large quantity of heat caused by friction, which requires the extrusion equipment should have good cooling device, in order to control the process temperature. This is a problem that can not be ignored, if the temperature is too high will make the cable surface produce large pores, the temperature is too low will make the current equipment increase, easy to damage the equipment.

3,Motor power the host is large enough, due to the relatively large viscosity LSHF material, the need for adequate power.

Two, extrusion die

1, because of the low smoke halogen-free cable material filling material is high, which leads to great difference exists it melt in the molten state of the strength, the tensile ratio and viscosity and other cable material, so the selection of mould is different, the first is the way of the choice of extrusion die. For the extruded low smoke halogen-free cable materials, insulation extrusion die should choose extrusion type, should be in the process of sheath extrusion in the semi extrusion type, so as to fully guarantee the material tensile strength and elongation and surface finish. The second is the model selection, the use of extrusion die, because of material viscosity, make the head pressure, when the extrusion away from the mold will be expanded, so the die sleeve should be smaller than the actual size. The mechanical properties of the low smoke halogen-free of no ordinary type cable material with low smoke and low halogen material is superior, the tensile ratio is small, only about 2.5 ~ 3.2, so when in the selection of mold also to the tensile properties of it are fully considered, which requires the selection of die set cannot be too large, otherwise the cable the surface is not tight, and extruded relatively loose.

2, extrusion die gallery section can not be too long, usually less than 1mm, is too long will cause shear force.

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