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Cable out of the common quality problem in the process of

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-02-24

Cable plastic coke burning

Plastic coke burning is a common quality defects of plastic extrusion process, the main performance: high temperature display; die die has a lot of smoke, strongly stimulate smell, serious when a burst of extruded plastic layer; coke; rubber alloy joints have continuous bubble. The main causes are: temperature control of ultra high reach plastic thermal degradation temperature; screw long-term not cleaning, the accumulation of coke burning with the molten plastic extrusion; warm up or down time is too long, make the machine barrel plastic long-term thermal decomposition; temperature control instrument is out of control or misalignment, resulting in high temperature decomposition; extruder cooling system is not open, resulting in material shear friction overheating.
Therefore in the extrusion process should strengthen the inspection of heating, cooling system is working properly; extrusion temperature setting should be according to the process requirements and screw speed and temperature time; reasonable control, cleaning regular extrusion system.

The extrudate Plasticating

In the above mentioned requirements for temperature control in plasticizing, general Plasticating mainly as follows: extruded layer with toad dermoid; plastic surface Ukraine, dull, and small cracks; extruded layer has obvious seam in glue; temperature control is the main reason of substandard, causing the extrudate Plasticating include: temperature control is too low, especially the head; insulation or sheath material mixed with other plastic particles of different properties; screw rotary plastic too fast, not completely plasticized plastic; plastic itself quality problems.
For the above reasons, should pay attention to the rationality of the extrusion temperature control; mixing should confirm the name by the material quality; can not blindly pursue yield and increasing extrusion velocity; strengthening the raw material storage, especially in plastic drying process; reasonable with mold, to enhance the extrusion pressure and reflux.

Extruded layer section with air holes or air bubbles

Extruded layer section main reasons of stomata or bubble production include: temperature control is too high (especially the feeding section); plastics moisture moisture; long time parking, decomposition of plastics has not ruled out clean; natural environment humidity is high; the cable core is provided with a water content is too high or gasification.

For the above reasons, should be reasonable control of the temperature of each section of screw; materials for pre drying; strict process, improve the plasticizing degree plastic judgement; pay attention to the production environment and material storage storage conditions.

Extruded unqualified size

Extruded size unqualified is mainly for the partial core, sheath thickness, diameter tolerance. The main reasons are: extrusion and traction speed is not stable; the cable core diameter change is too big; extrusion temperature resulted in the decrease of extrusion amount; too many impurities in plastic block filter to reduce plastic flow; take-up tension instability; core selection is too large (squeeze) or core pile length line area short and partial core; inappropriate selection mode spacing; uneven extrusion die extrusion die temperature; the concentricity is not adjusted; inlet temperature too high to make the difficult feeding effect of material flow etc..

The solution is often measured diameter of jacket timely adjustment; reasonable selecting and adjusting the extrusion die; adjust the attention and line tension change; temperature control should be in the specified requirements.

Longitudinal wrapping with adhesive strength unqualified

The main reason is longitudinally covered with adhesive strength unqualified produce: the extrudate temperature is too low; ointment filling excessive overflow; production line speed is too fast, the sheath is rapid cooling; hot water bath temperature is too low, and die close; with mold stretch ratio is too small, or die is not reasonable, make the formation of loose; longitudinal bag composite film melting temperature is too high;

Therefore, in the extrusion process should pay attention to die, when necessary, according to the cable adjustment; cannot let the sheath is rapid cooling, to improve the adhesive ability; can not be improved sheath shaping ability and too much lower die temperature; note filled ointment, with finger touch the cable core can be scraped a thin layer as well to resolve.

Extruded appearance is not qualified

Extruded appearance unqualified mainly for extruded layer surface abrasion; coarse have chlamydia or micro cracks; any defect caused by plasticizing not quantity.

The main reason is: the extrusion die set unreasonable choice. Extrusion die sets in the sheath surface impurities stuck. Extrusion die heating temperature is too high or too low temperature caused by coarse, micro cracks; die sleeve sizing area damage; sheathed in tank scrapes etc..

For the above reasons for exclusion or prevention of defects in production.

In the actual production, in addition to the above defects and reasons, as well as shape cable problem, longitudinal covering the overlap width problem, there are bamboo shaped. Therefore, in the production should be observed and summarized, seize the main problem and essence, this will be smoothly done or easily solved the problem, the quality level of cable do better.

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