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Engineering or external cable selection method

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-02-24

Engineering or external cable can use red, blue, black, yellow and green four colors.

A) power cable according to the national standard selection color
Using different color multi core cable, shall meet the following requirements (GB5013.1, GB5023.1):
3 core cable green / yellow, light blue, brown, or light blue, black, brown;
4 core cable green / yellow, light blue, black, brown, or light blue, black, brown, black or brown;
The colors red, yellow, green for the main core, light blue for neutral line.

B) external wiring cabinet
DC circuit cathode red
Negative blue
Earthing (PE) black
Single-phase AC line (L) red
The blue line (N)
The grounding line (PE)
The three-phase AC A, B, C (L1, L2, L3) and red (see note)
The zero line (N) blue
Protection (PE) yellow / Green

Note: use the same color red line (protection with yellow green line, line, zero line in blue), must be identified at both ends of the cable color. Color identification (below)
A (L1) yellow heat shrinkable sleeve
B (L2) green heat shrinkable sleeve
C (L3) red heat shrinkable sleeve

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