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Copper clad aluminum enameled wire brief

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-02-26

The copper clad aluminum material model paint as the inner conductor wire, between their characteristics between copper and aluminum, which combines the advantage the superior electric conductivity of copper and aluminum light weight.

In recent years, the important status and role and enameled wire industry in national economic development more and more prominent, and the electrolytic copper prices continued to rise, to the copper raw material related production and enamelled wire factory supply brought about a tremendous impact. Copper Baolv enameled wire by users that can replace copper enameled wire, provides tremendous business opportunities and broad market and to the development of our enameled wire industry.

Traditional copper enameled wire mostly using pure copper as raw materials, not only the high cost, but also by the shortage of resources constraints. Copper clad aluminum enameled wire, the company introduced in a field not only can equivalent (or super efficient) instead of pure copper, but also can greatly reduce the manufacturing cost, technical level of the product to replace copper, import substitution is bound to the development of national economy and related industries and areas of improvement and the reduction of manufacturing cost plays a powerful drive effect of.
Line with the copper enameled wire has obvious advantages compared with the copper clad aluminum paint:

1, light weight

Copper clad aluminum wire density is the same pure copper wire diameter of 1/3, is very effective to reduce the weight of the cable and the coil, coil in the audio field, improve product performance.

2,DC resistivity good

The DC resistivity of copper clad aluminum wire is about 1.5 times the resistance of pure copper Dacron; at the same time, its diameter is about 1.2 times larger than that of pure copper, and copper clad aluminum wire weight is only pure copper 1/2.

3, good solderability

Copper clad aluminum because of its surface concentric coated with a layer of copper, so it is like pure copper wire solderability, without special treatment like aluminum as.

4, at the end of the cost of

Copper clad aluminum and copper enameled wire, used in some fields can reduce the production cost by 30% - 50%.

Copper clad aluminum enameled wire application scope:

1, for the production of light weight, relatively high conductivity, excellent heat dissipation winding, especially the high frequency signal transmission winding.
2,Enameled wire high frequency transformer, transformer, inductance coil, motor, household electrical and micro motor.
3,Enameled wire micro motor rotor winding.
4, special electromagnetic wire coil for audio, CD-ROM.
5,Electromagnetic wire display deflection coil.
6,Electromagnetic wire degaussing coil.
7, the internal coil for electromagnetic wire, mobile phone and other components of the watch drive.
8, other special electromagnetic wire.

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