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The metal shielding cable XLPE

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-02-26

XLPE cable metal shield mainly electric screen, also plays an important role in the circuit when the wire breaking current. As the metal shield around the composition with the core layer is composed of one or two layers of copper, copper wire braided layer or wire. Sparse winding steel wire spacing of not greater than 4mm, and have a reverse round copper wire as the contact tie wire, the metal sparse winding layer are in electrical integration.

The multi core cable, the total metal shielding. In the packaging business total shielding, cable must be filled round, and wrapped with a layer of the original 1 - 2mm (cable outer diameter 25 - 80mm) plastic cushion. In addition to the cable 0.6/1kv grade, XLPE cable filling and cushion must be in the semiconductor plastic, and its corresponding temperature rating. Some design, PE metal of the three core 24kV XLPE electric Ming gate by Indigo composite band longitudinal wrapping for total metal shielding. When the squeeze on a layer of PE outer sheath is longitudinally covered immediately after forming, which combined with solid composite belt. The metal belt can be made of aluminum or copper, the thickness of aluminum with 0.3mm. The metal shielding layer design is low cost, and water invasion. In the metal shielding layer, short circuit current, conductive section size according to the short-circuit capacity power system (shortcircult power) and the way of system grounding and. If the central point is directly grounded, due to short circuit current in the metal shielding layer of cable conductor core with the same. If the system is not connected or through the impedance to ground, except in special short circuit occurs rarely, short circuit current metal shielding layer will not be too big. Not appropriate section with copper shielding layer is connected to the XLPE system with the cable, the cross-section of short circuit current flow is cut with the same voltage, aluminum clad as conductor cross section of oil paper insulation cable ampacity of the same.

Three core cable can bear the impact of average 60KA short circuit current, which corresponds to the 24kA symmetrical short circuit current (60kV/2.5); XLPE electric wrist reinforced with armor or other methods to support 95kAI and the corresponding oil paper insulation steel tape armor to power following the lead can withstand 100 120kA.

XLPE cable itself has been very strong, generally have the outer sheath PVC or PE is sufficient to force the defense. But for vertical installation, submarine or defense of rats and white mosquito bite with armored new method of reinforcement. The enormous repulsion in order to prevent the current internal short-circuit multicore cables produced by external and internal reinforcement, can strengthen the combination. As in a cable semiconductor general shielding and semiconductor fastening belts outside for a galvanized steel wire armoring, at the same time as the metal shielding, may be necessary in the wire between with copper wire in order to meet the demands of conductive section. Plastic sheath can be made into a flame or termite proof structure.

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