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House wire overload have what dangerous?

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-02-26

What is the wire overload? Also called "overload overload". For example, the load of a certain type of car is 4 tons, over load that is "overload", this could damage the vehicle. Lines also load power regulation of it. The current through the wire so that the wire heating, this is a normal phenomenon. But if the use of overload, thin wire through the current, it is easy to cause fire.
Commonly used household electric wires usually made of plastic or rubber insulated wire. Line selection must pay attention to the safety wire flow, different specifications of the wires have different safety flow.
Daily use electric safe current carrying capacity table as follows:
Electric safe current carrying capacity (ANN)
Section of wire (mm 2) plastic insulated wire rubber insulated wire
Copper aluminum copper aluminum
1.017 - 18
Indoor installation of open wire, environmental temperature should not be higher than 35C. In the wire safety flow with wire, wire no overheating. But with more power than the wire safety flow, wire heating, electric heat and the strength of the current is proportional to the Ping Fangcheng, if the strength of the current increases 2 times, calorific value than the original increase 4 times, will cause the wires to overheat, easy to cause fire.
Wire overload is the main reason:
(1) the new fault line is too thin, small cross section.
(2) increase the load in the old line arbitrarily.
(3) the improper selection of fuse. Fuse selection fine, frequent power outages, not conducive to the power supply; fuse selected coarse, overload fuse has burned, causing overheating.

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