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The advantages of the application of large cross section cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-02-27

The large cross section conductor transmission technology is that exceeds the minimum cross-section wire control the economic current density (for example, 220KV mm2, 300; 500KV, 4 × 300 mm2), and the large cross section conductor (such as 500KV, 4 × 500 mm2, 4 × 630 mm2, 4 × 800 mm2), new power transmission technology raise the transmission capacity of transmission line.

The large cross section conductor is that exceeds the minimum cross-section wire control the economic current density. The wire cross section increases, resistance wire unit length decreases, the heat capacity limits, which allow the increase of load flow, thereby increasing the transmission power. The use of large cross-section conductor, can reduce the number of line corridor, conservation of land resources, has great advantage on the growing shortage of arable land in China today. Along with the increase of the wire section, surface field strength of transmission line corona loss decreases, decreased correspondingly, and the ground field strength increases, but the rate of increase is not big, little impact on the transmission line. In addition the wireless interference and noise pollution are greatly reduced. The large cross section conductor used in transmission line, will increase the one-time investment, but due to withstand greater stress, design and build the bear large load of tower, gold wire supporting the production and large cross section is the key and the development of large cross-section conductor widely used. At present, many of our country's electric wire and cable manufacturers with the ability to produce large cross-section conductor, construction equipment and domestic large cross-section conductor has reached the engineering requirements, for the construction of large section conductors has made great progress, can set up independent of large section conductors, and meet engineering requirements.

The large cross section conductor transmission can improve the transmission power, but with the increasing of the wire section, the tower under increasing load, stringing construction difficulty, investment cost increases. Therefore, in the application of large cross-section conductor, according to the actual needs of transmission line capacity, appropriate to have a certain margin, with large cross-section conductor can be rational, do not blindly use wire with large cross section.

The large cross section conductor can not only greatly improve the transmission power lines, reduce the corridor number; but because of the reduced the resistance of a wire, the line loss is reduced greatly, and the surface electric field strength decreased, corona loss is correspondingly reduced; in addition to the EHV and UHV, can greatly reduce the radio interference and noise pollution.

The transmission capacity of large cross-section conductor transmission line, small power loss, but because the production and construction difficulty wire, but also consume a large amount of steel. So, at present also not full adoption. According to the advantages and characteristics of large cross-section conductor transmission technology, large cross-section wire transmission technology for the higher concentration, the demand for electricity, power flow is concentrated, short distance transmission line, to better play its advantages. In addition, in short distance transmission line to send in some large capacity (such as substation, power plant, outlet) also use effect is very good. In addition, in EHV DC transmission is also suitable for large cross-section wire electric transmission technology.

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