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How to calculate the price of 4 square cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-02-27

The calculation of 4 square cable cost price is divided into three parts:

1 the cost of copper
2 The insulating material cost
3 of the electricity to spurt the code and other expenses

Calculation method of cost, copper (Huadong cable Co.,LTD 4 square cable 95 meters / volume as an example)

BV 4 square cable GB line diameter 2.22mm
BVR 4 square cable GB line diameter 19 0.50mm/ root
Copper cost = copper weight × copper price
Copper weight = core volume x copper density (0.0089)
The cylinder core volume = radius * radius x 3.14 x Length (95 m)
Copper weight =1.11 * 1.11 * 3.14 * 95 * 0.0089=3.27kg BV 4 square cable
Then BV 4 square copper cable costs 53 yuan (=3.27kg × /kg copper price =173.3 yuan)
BVR 4 square cable with the weight of the brass =0.25 * 0.25 * 3.14 * 95 * 0.0089 * 19 (root) =3.15kg
Then BVR 4 square copper cable cost is =3.15 × 55/kg (soft silk price =173.2 yuan)

Also our industry has a simple algorithm, the formula is: wire diameter diameter x line core diameter x m x 0.7 out is to use the weight of the brass, copper cost multiplied by the unit price is copper. The calculated results and the above algorithm it is the same. Count your own can be verified.

So my company BV and BVR is the same price. The same cord like no other than your hard line manufacturers.

But now on the market there are a lot of drawing lines, which are two GB middle attenuated, if need to calculate the cable wire, you need to put a plate of cable cut open from the middle, the middle is the amount of big diameter

For example: BV 4 square 2.22 heads is in the middle of 2.12. Just pull the 10 wire, if a line is 95 meters, generally we are in two of 5 meters is the national standard, line 85 meters 2.12 middle size, this line is the cost according to the above method to calculate 10 meters standard price, then the price is 85 meter diameter 2.12, the price plus it is the copper. But we don't advocate the use of the drawing line, nor the production of the cable.

Two, the cost of insulating material

BV 4 square and BVR 4 square a disc weight, copper weight minus, is used in insulating weight
For example, our BV 4 and BVR 4 square 4.5kg square.
Then BV 4 square insulating weight =4.5-3.27=1.23kg
BVR 4 square insulating weight =4.5-3.15=1.35kg
BV 4 square insulating cost =1.23 * 8.5 /kg (insulated material price =10.5 yuan)
BVR 4 square insulating cost =1.35 * 8.5 /kg (insulated material price =11.5 yuan)

Note: if the drawing line also need to keep the weight of words, you need to use insulation materials, because the amount of copper wire drawing less.

Three, artificial cost electricity to spurt the code

4 square cable generally charge 4 dollars artificial telephone to spurt the code and other miscellaneous expenses, models and Congress charged point, but is very limited.
We put the sum of cost price above three is 95 M / BV 4 square and BVR 4 square cable cost price
BV 4 square cable price =173.3+10.5+4=188 yuan
BVR 4 square cable price =173.2+11.5+4=189 yuan

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