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Wrong use of house wire

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-03

One cheap for house wire.

This is a considerable part of the user, and even some enterprises use of house wire are relatively more common mistakes. Some users to save money, neglect of safety, special pick those low prices, quality is not guaranteed, the accident hidden danger of inferior house wire. We know, because of the security and other factors of house wire, the cable prices can not meet the requirements of users. While some individual and private enterprises in aspects of material selection, production technology, detection means can not meet the requirement of national standard of house wire manufacturing, its security will not be guaranteed, coupled with the short foot less meters on the issue, with its low price market, cater to some users. So please do not covet cheap electric house wire.

Two other improper, house wire.

Some user requirements, lack of environmental conditions on their own understanding of electrical appliances, range of use, on the house wire model requirements, performance is not enough understanding often choose the wrong model. For example: a steel mill blast furnace slag transport vehicle, it is the power of a motor, furnace temperature up to 800 ℃ ~ 900 ℃, under such conditions, because the factory has any special requirements on the know nothing at all house wire, so the general rubber sheathed flexible cables with YC type, the time is short, the sheath is burned, not only affects the production, but also a waste of economic. After consultation, the fire resistance cable, reduce the cable replacement suffering and economic loss, ensure the normal production of enterprises. Some important departments, high-rise buildings, computing center, chemical industry, public places of entertainment and staff and other occasions, to the use of fire retardant or refractory cable with function of cable fire; the provisions of the Ministry of coal used in coal mine wells must be flame retardant; as well as the elevator cables, welding machine cable, electrical wiring, have special performance requirements. These have the special requirements of special house wire in actual use, some enterprises, especially on their individual enterprises often lack of understanding, refuse to use; some enterprises ignore the cable Ministry of coal used in coal mine deep well specified must be flame retardant requirements, but buy the general rubber sheathed flexible cables; and some Cara OK hall personnel on the occasion, to install some does not have the fire function of general electric house wire, causing great hidden dangers of accidents.

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