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The characteristics of Mineral Insulated Cable introduction

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-03

One, Fire protection

The cables are all inorganic (metals copper and magnesium oxide powder), which itself does not cause a fire, burning or combustion is not possible, because the melting point of copper is 1083 ℃, Magnesium Oxide melting point is 2800 ℃, the fire so the cable can be close to the melting point of copper to maintain power, is a a fireproof cable on real significance. And through the BS6387 C, W, Z test.

Two, Large carrying capacity, waterproof

Because of the normal temperature can reach 250 DEG C mineral insulated cable, IEC60702 mineral insulated cable continuous working temperature is 105 ℃, which is required, taking into account the terminal sealing material and safe even if so, its carrying capacity is also far more than other cable, because the oxide magnesium powder has better thermal conductivity of plastic, so the same working temperature, load flow more. For the 16mm2 above the line, you can reduce a section, the people are not allowed to contact place, can reduce the two section.
Because the mineral insulated copper sheathed cable adopts the seamless tube, the terminal connected by sealing mud is a kind of long-term immersion in water of high-tech products, so the water molecules are completely blocked in the outside, is a real sense of waterproof products.

Three, anti corrosion

Explosion proof characteristics: the mineral insulated copper sheathed cable adopts the seamless copper pipe, and magnesium oxide powder is tightly compacted, combustible gas, oil and gas, the flame will not reach the electrical equipment and cable connection, so the cable with explosion-proof features.
Corrosion resistance: due to copper has good corrosion resistance, used in the normal environment does not require any additional protection, in particular environmental conditions, such as the strong corrosive action on copper in the environment, coupled with a layer of PVC cable outer sheath, so the cable has good corrosion resistance.

Four, resistant to mechanical damage, long service life, halogen-free nontoxic

Resistance to mechanical damage: because the metal sheathed cable has a certain strength and toughness, Magnesium Oxide in cable processing process is highly compressed, so the cable subjected to bending, flattening, torsion deformation, the relative position between the core and between the core and sheath remain unchanged, cause a short circuit, also will not affect the electrical properties.

Long life: because the cable used materials are inorganic materials, not aging. Its service life can be in accordance with the rate of oxidation corrosion to calculate the copper sheath. Data shows, sheath oxidation of 0.25mm, at 250 DEG C to 257 years, sheath thickness and mineral insulated cables are generally between 0.34-1.05, the use of temperature is below 250 ℃, so characteristic of the cable has a long life.

Halogen free non-toxic: because the cable all is to use inorganic material (copper and magnesium oxide powder), so even in the high temperature of 1000 DEG C burning does not produce smoke, halogen and poisonous gas is halogen-free nontoxic cable on real significance.

Five, overload resistance, copper sheath can be ground

Overload resistance: due to the melting point of copper is 1083 ℃, Magnesium Oxide melting point is 2800 ℃, compared with ordinary plastic cable ampacity, ability of mineral insulated cables can improve a section level, also can withstand overload quite big, the overload capacity can reach more than 100 times the normal load flow.

Copper sheath can be ground: for mineral insulated cables, due to continuous copper sheath and low grounding resistance, so it can be used as grounding wire use, does not need the grounding conductor independent.

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