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The cause of cable fault

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-04

The most direct reason of cable fault is reduced and the insulation breakdown. A sensitive insulation reduction factor many, according to the actual operation experience, summed up nothing more than the following situations.

1) external injury. By the analysis of operation in recent years, especially in the high-speed economic development of Pudong sea, cable fault now many are due to mechanical damage. For example: cable laying installation of substandard construction, easy to cause mechanical damage; in the buried cable for civil construction also easily in the operation of the cable damage etc.. L sometimes if the injury is not serious, take a few months or even years can lead to the injury site complete breakdown fault, sometimes serious damage may occur short-circuit fault, directly affect the "double J and safety production of electrical units.

2) insulation. This situation is also very common, generally occurs in buried or row of cable connector tube. For example: cable joint production of unqualified and joint in humid climates, joint can make water or mix with water vapor, a long time R formation water tree under the action of the electric field, the insulation strength gradually damage caused by the fault of cable.

3) chemical corrosion. The direct buried cable in acid-base interaction regions, often caused by armored cable, lead or outer protective layer of corrosion protection layer, because of the long suffering chemical or electrochemical corrosion, resulting in protective layer insulation failure, reduce, also will cause the cable fault. : cable corrosion situation of the unit is very serious

4) long-term overload operation. Overload operation, because the heating effect of the current, load current through the cable will inevitably lead to the conductor heating, at the same time, the skin effect and eddy current loss of charge, steel armor of the dielectric loss also can produce at the additional heat, so that the cable temperature. The long-term overload operation, high temperature will accelerate the aging of insulation, and insulation breakdown. Especially in the hot summer, often leads to the weak point of the first cable insulation breakdown or cable temperature, so in the summer, the cable fault is very much.

5) cable joint fault. The cable joint is the weakest link in the cable, direct negligence by the personnel (poor construction) cable joint fault caused frequent. Construction workers in the production process of cable joint, if a crimp is not tight, the heating is not sufficient, the original network, will cause the cable head insulation reduced, causing the accident.

6) environment and temperature. Cable of the external environment and the heat source temperature is too high, will cause the cable insulation breakdown, or even burst into flames.

7) cable body normal aging or natural disasters and other reasons

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