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The basic process of plastic wire and cable manufacturing

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-04

1 copper, aluminum wire drawing

Copper, aluminum rods, wires and cables used, at room temperature, die hole through one or several more tensile mold by drawing machine, the cross section decreases, increased in length, strength increase. Drawing is the first process of the wire and cable company, main technological parameters of drawing is template matching technique.

2 single annealing

Copper, aluminum wire to a certain temperature in the heating, the recrystallization of the ways to improve the toughness, reduce the single filament strength, to meet the requirements of wire and cable of the conductive wire core. The key is to eliminate the copper wire annealing process of oxidation

3 The conductor stranding

In order to improve the flexibility of wire and cable, in order to facilitate the installation, the conductive wire core to a plurality of filaments twisted into. From the conducting wire core stranded form, can be divided into irregular strands and rules. Irregular twist is divided into concentric stranded, multi stranded, special twisted etc..

In order to reduce the cable geometry size reduce the occupied area, the wire, the compression in the form of a stranded conductor at the same time, the ordinary circular variation is a semicircle, sector, tile and pressed round. The conductor is mainly applied in the electric power cable.

4 insulation extrusion

Plastic wire and cable mainly adopts extruded solid insulation layer, the main technical requirements of plastic insulation extrusion:

4.1. eccentricity: extruded insulation thickness deviation is an important symbol of the extrusion process level, majority of products structure and size deviation value in the standard are clearly defined.
4.2. smoothness: out of surface of the insulating layer for smooth, not bad quality surface roughness, burnt, the presence of impurities
4.3. Extrusion insulation layer density: cross sectional to dense solid, no visible pinhole, put an end to the bubbles.

5 cable

For multi core cable to ensure the shape forming degree, reduce the cable, generally need to be twisted round. Twisting mechanism and conductor stranding is similar, because the stranding pitch diameter is larger, mostly using back twist free way. Cable technical requirements: one is to eliminate the special-shaped insulating wire core rolled while leading the cable twisting; two is to prevent insulation layer scratched.

Most of the cable in the cable at the same time with the other two completion of the process: one is filled, ensure the roundness and stable cable cable; a binding, ensure the cable core is not loose.

6 inner protecting layer

In order to protect the insulation wire core was not armoured have had injuries, the need for appropriate protection of the insulating layer, an inner protective layer: extruded inner protecting layer (sleeve) and wrapping the inner protecting layer (layer). Wrapping layer instead of lashing and cabling process synchronization.

7 The armoured

Laying underground cables, may bear a certain positive pressure work, choice of armour steel belt structure. Cable laying in both positive pressure and pulling force of occasions (such as water, vertical shaft or big drop in soil), should be used with inner steel wire armored structure type.

8 The outer sheath

The outer sheath is the insulating layer structure for preventing environmental factors of erosion protection of wire and cable. The outer sheath of the main role is to improve the wire and cable mechanical strength, anti chemical corrosion, moisture-proof, waterproof, prevent burning ability. According to the different requirements of cable using extruder directly extruded plastic sheath.

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