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The same core conductor structure, process

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-06

The metal shielding is electric screen, in circuit fault also plays an important role in conducting wire short circuit current, general metal shield by 1 ~ 2 layers of copper, copper wire or wire out around the same core components, sparse winding copper wire spacing of not greater than 4mm, and have a negative strip wound the package as the contact tie wire, copper wire loose winding layer in electrical integrated. The domestic wire and cable products, no or very little uses the structural form and core conductor, study some foreign developed countries are committed to it, and put it into practice. In British standard, split with the core cable with copper core PE insulated BS4553 92 power supply, in accordance with the core layer can be used as a neutral conductor and a ground conductor, is consistent with the provisions of the BS4109 uncoated annealed copper wire to manufacture, and the provisions of each specification in cable, wire diameter, number and the electrical resistivity with the core layer should the right to wrap, root number winding pitch and line should be minimal covering the rate reached 90%, in the same core layer should be followed by overlapping does not suck bandage tide. NYCY German standard DIN57271 83 is used in the same core conductor can be as neutral wire, grounding wire and zero line use, it also can be used as a shielding line. Also provides no coating annealed copper wire root number and diameter, resistivity. Compared with the cable of the same type, has the advantages of compact structure, round shapes, can save the cable sheath material of about 10%, according to the structural characteristics, the cross-sectional area of the requirements and the use of equipment and production technology for low power cable structure design with the core conductor principle.

1, in order to facilitate the production and management, should be unified with the conductor wire diameter.

2, according to the production equipment, to ensure uniform distribution in the strand insulation core winding layer, the distance of not more than 4mm under the condition of minimum diameter, root number with the core conductor less.

3, in order to guarantee the same conductor uniform, and no relative sliding, and ensure the appearance of the cable sheath after extrusion, round. Stratified nonwoven or PVC wrapped, namely the insulating core cabling belting + with the core conductor stranded helical strip wound + non-woven fabric with overlapping.

4, the structure has three kinds, to form the structure of three-phase four wire cable for the a structure, the structure of the three-phase five wire cable for B and C two kinds of structure (see Figure two).

Concentric cable structure diagram

A, structure, with the core conductor is wrapped outside the cable core, it can be N line (neutral), PE line (protective earthing), or PEN (neutral and protected ground shared), material is copper or copper or copper, and copper. Section of cable core with the same or half.

B, structure, N lines in the cable core, and the zero line as the PE line package on the outside of the cable core, zero line can be copper or copper and copper strip. Half section of cable core.

C, structure, N line package in the copper core, the outside of the bag in the N line PE line with the copper wire, copper wire copper composition, the formation of double shield structure. Section of cable core with the same or half.
The above three kinds of structure, can also be combined with steel or steel wire armored, its structure as shown in Figure three, to increase the resistance to pressure and tension cable.

Concentric cable structure diagram 2

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